Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sausage -n- Cream Cheese Cups

This little appetizer is one of my favorites for several reasons. 

1. It's easy. That's most important for me.
2. It's quick.
3. It's inexpensive.
4. It's so so yummy!

And you know it's an easy recipe when it only has 3 steps and 3 ingredients! 
This recipe is perfect for me!

- Roll of sausage
-Block of cream cheese
- 3 boxes of Phyllo cups (in freezer section)

1. Brown sausage and drain
2. In same skillet, mix cream cheese and sausage
3. Spoon mixture into Phyllo cups. 

Each box of 15 cups and I used all of the mixture in 3 boxes, so it yields 45 cups.

I took these to our VBS Commencement Sunday night, and came home with an empty platter. I'm telling you, so good!

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