Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stranded: 3 Netflix Shows

Y'all know I love me a good Netflix series to be obsessed with. Like, it's my favorite thing to do on a rainy, chilly day. 

I actually was wishing for a stormy weekend last weekend so I could binge watch Greys. Truth. 

So needless to say, the linkup with Shay and Erika today about Netflix on a deserted island is right up my alley. And hello....this is the best island ever if I can watch Netflix.

Sons of Anarchy

I watched this a few years ago, and I've actually thought about watching it again because it is that good! I never thought I would be into a show about a biker gang, but guys. OHMYGOSH! It's so good. 


This is one of the best dramas I've ever seen. You guys, I cried. I laughed. I felt like I was a Braverman the entire series. And then wished I were a Braverman after it was over. So so good. I have yet to talk to someone that did not like this show. It's seriously for everyone!

Greys Anatomy

I literally just finished this series and I'm sad I have to wait for the next season to be released. Remember above when I said I was wishing for storms so I could binge? It didn't storm, but I binged anyway. And I cried and boo-hoo'd for an hour when McDreamy died. Serious. Eyes were puffy. 

And this meme is so true!!!! 

Yep. It's true!

What series would you watch on the island?

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  1. Parenthood made my list, too! You're the first person I've seen that listed SOA. I think my husband would like that show.

  2. Haha - those Grey's memes are so true! I need to catch up - I watched in real time until the end of last season and then I just couldn't. I'm still bitter they got rid of McDreamy - I mean... that's like having a Rachel but no Ross!


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