Thursday, June 30, 2016

June Recap

We've completed another month, and July is here. Can you believe it? Time flies, right?

I've been a little MIA this month. Life gets busy, and I've been enjoying living it. 

I started out June celebrating my little Mia's 9th birthday. 9 years old and still only 2 pounds. Love her little bony self. 

I donated blood for the first time in years. The last time I donated, I almost passed out. This time, all was good! No passing out here.

I pulled a double jet-ski trailer this month. I was a nervous wreck!!! But I did it!

And this room still looks the exact same. Oops! I need another coat, but keep putting it off. Get it together, Mel!

I put my car up for sale. Yep. After a year, I'm ready to move on. 

Drove a jet ski, alone, for the first time. Let me tell you....I didn't love it. I was so afraid I'd fly off and flip it. And getting it onto the ramp thing here. Well that was just hard. It took me 7 times, y'all! SEVEN!

We finished this book for book club. It was SO good you guys. Really good. And it really made you think about the system and those different from us. 

Also finished this long awaited, uber popular series. Kinda boring to me. What did you all think?

We celebrated this chicky's 4th birthday. I just love this age so much!

Spent some time on the lake. I LOVE being on a boat in the water. Relaxing! And getting a tan is always a plus!

My mom had a giant tub of cheeseballs at the lake. And my life was complete. Is there anything better? I mean, really. 

More visits with my niece and nephew. Love those munchkins.

Went to Louisville with a friend to see one of our long-lost besties.  Our first stop was the Kate Spade outlet. My favorite place!!!! And I love this wall behind their counter so so much. Would it be weird to recreate it in my office???

Finished our day of shopping and eating and visiting with my first trip to Marks Feed Store. BBQ was delicious. I even got a free bottle of my fave sauce!

AND a free slice of pie. This was just my day y'all. And this Buttermilk Pie was amazing!!!!!

And that's my June! 

Hope your's was as fantastic as mine!

See you in July!

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  1. I'm reading Necessary Lies right now, and I like it. I'm not too far into it, but it's good. I read Orange is the New Black a few years ago, and it's also a good book. I haven't watched any of the series, but maybe I will. I love that wall in the Kate Spade store - I hope you go for it!


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