Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {May Edition}

You guys. How is it the end of May already???? What the heck?!

Linking up with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay for What's Up Wednesday. 

What I'm Eating
Lots and lots of Mexican! You guys, I eat it at least twice a week. This week- it's looking like it's going to be about 4 times. This is why I look like I'm having burrito babies. 

What I'm Reminiscing About
Summer has started for area schools, and I'm super sad that I don't get a summer vacation anymore. It's hard being a student and then a teacher and getting two months off to do whatever. I work a "regular" 8-5 job now, and it makes me miss being a teacher. 

What I'm Loving
Baby Owen. He's been here almost a week and he is just perfect! 

What I've Been Up To
Same ole, same ole. Working 2 jobs, spending money like it's growing on trees, and eating like I'm  starved. See. Nothing new. ;)
What I'm Dreading
I need to have a yard sale pronto. When I moved in, I set everything to the side of my garage with plans of having a sale. That pile keeps growing, and I need to do something about it soon. 

What I'm Excited About
Lake time! The boat is finally on the water, and I can't wait to cruise around and get some sun!

What I'm Watching/Reading
I have a whole review post planned on some things I've just finished, but as of right now, I'm reading So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore. The writing is a little fluffy, but I've just started, so I hope I like it more as I read it. Several things have already resonated with me, so that's a plus!

What I'm Listening To
Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. 
We can work from home.....oh oh oh oh. 

Favorite song right now. On repeat. 

Lots of loose, thin tops and leggings and flip flops. Summer staple. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend
It's my step-dad's birthday and Memorial Day weekend, so there will be a cookout at the lake and hopefully some boat riding. 

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
Hmmm... it's June. I'll be having a Silpada party. My last hoorah with the company. Also, it will be my niece's 4th birthday, so that will be fun too!

What Else Is New?
I still need to paint! Ive had this planned for months now, and I've still not done it. I need to get one that pronto!

What I'm Looking Forward To This Summer
Have you all heard? I'm ready for boating and lake season!!!!! Shocking, I know! ;)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Favorite Vacation {Show & Tell}

 Im talking vacations today, and not all of them, but my very favorite!

This is so tough to do, because I've loved so many different places.

Boston. Amazing. 

New York City. Incredible. 

Clearwater Beach. Fantastic.

But one of my absolute favorites has been my trips to Sin City- Las Vegas!

I've been 4 times; once with a group of girls after one of them officially got divorced and three other times with one of my besties, Meg and some friends. 

Las Vegas never disappoints. 

There's always food. Always shows. Always shopping. 

My very first trip in 2010

This was during the whole Hangover phenom, so Caesar's Palace pic was a must!

My first cirque de soleil show: Beatle's Love! (2010)

My bestie- Meg

A frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity's for my 30th birthday in 2013!

Selfies instead of slots in 20105.

My absolute favorite- the Bellagio fountains! 

Serendipity's 2013

Some people throw down hundreds, I stick to singles. 

Gondola driver? director? guy with a pole sang Happy Birthday to me on my 30th! Pretty cool, right?

I've seen several shows, tried many different restaurants, and stayed in different places. I've never had a bad experience in Vegas. I can't wait until my next trip!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to the World, Baby Owen!

My nephew is here, and he is absolutely perfect. 

Owen Lee was born on Thursday night. 

9 pounds, 12 ounces. 

23 inches long.

A head full of dark hair and little rolls everywhere. 

Welcome to the world, baby boy. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Waiting on Baby Owen

Baby Owen's due date is today, and I'm impatiently awaiting the phone call to say he's on his way.......

C'mon, bud. There's so many people that want to meet you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

So Father's Day is next month, and if you're like me, it sneaks up on you before we even realize it. And if you're still like me, I like plenty of time to prepare and shop for a great gift.

For me, it's often hard to find a great gift that won't break the bank. Yes, it's easy to find something someone will love if your budget is non-existent. Something cute, unique, and in your price range? Hard to do, right?

I've put together a couple of great but inexpensive gift ideas for dads. Hopefully you'll find something here to make your gift hunt a little easier!

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Click on the picture(s) below to take you to the page. 

Life is Good tee

These tees are super soft, and I've given them several times to different people. They love them!

Grill Tools Set

If you're dad is like my dad, the only time they cook is when they grill. Who wouldn't love getting a new set every once in awhile?


These are the new it gift, and they are always sold out in my town. Order online to be sure to get it in for Father's Day. It'll keep your cold stuff cold and your hot stuff hot for hours on end.

RFID Leather Wallet

The new thing for criminals is to electronically steal your card data without even touching your card. Protect your dad (and his money) with a new RFID wallet.

Wood Watch
 I love different, unique gifts, and this watch is just that. How handsome is this watch? Any dad would just love it. 

I put together another gift idea set for Valentine's Day, but any of those gifts would make excellent choices for Father's Day too. See those below.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for him

I hope you find something here that sparks your interest and that your dad or your husband will love. Now, I'm off to narrow down my choices.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tunes on a Tuesday

Clever title, eh?

Yeah. It's that kind of rainy, dreary, sleepy day. 

But I heard this old song on the radio this morning, and it instantly put me in a good mood. 

So maybe I'll make this a weekly thing.

Going back to 2002. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sis!

Today, my sister joins the club. 

The 30 club!

You've always been the quiet one. The cute one. The sneaky, mean little mischievous one that surprised everyone because you were so shy. 

And I wanted to send you back to the hospital when Mom and Dad brought you home because you cried so dang much. 

But I'm so glad they didn't. You're a fantastic mother. A caring daughter and sister. And most importantly, a wonderful friend.

Love you, sister. I hope 30 brings you lots of laughter and love. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

15 Weird-ish Questions

You guys. I LOVE questions and questionnaires and quizzes about me. Maybe that makes me a little narcissistic but whatever. I remember playing these on myspace, xanga, messenger, and whatever else was popular back in the day, so it makes me super happy when these pop up in blog land. 

So this morning, I was going through Shay and Erika's linkup on the 3 books you'd take to a deserted island (see my 3 here) and ran upon Jennifer's blog. It's so cute you guys, but my favorite part is this little questionnaire. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM! So I did what any other blogger would do, and I copied the questions to do on my own blog.  Thanks, Jennifer, for unknowingly providing today's post.

Without further adieu...

1. A nickname that you get called.

2. A weird habit.
I have to have a fan on. If not, the room is stuffy. And if there isn't a ceiling fan, then some other kind of fan will be used.

3. A weird phobia.
Mice. I know they are tiny little things, but I cant stand the thought of them. Makes my skin crawl. 

4. A song you are ashamed to like so you blast it in private.
Anything by the Biebs. I was jamming to it one afternoon with the windows cracked, and immediately turned the station when a car pulled up beside me. 

5. A pet peeve.
Rudeness. There is no reason to be rude if you haven't been provoked. Use your manners!

6. A nervous habit.
Picking at my nails. If there is polish, it will be gone. If no polish, I'll pick at the nail itself. 

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
Looking at the bed, it's the left side. 

8. The name of your first stuffed animal.
I don't think I named my animals. Hmmm. 

9. What do you buy at Starbucks?
The last drink I bought was the peach green tea. It was minty and amazing and fresh. Usually it's like a white mocha or something pretty plain and not too coffee strong. Honestly, I don't frequent Starbucks often. We don't have one in town, and I'm just not a big coffee drinker. 

10. Beauty rule.
Always wear foundation and eyeliner. I look dead without the two. 

11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Towards the shower head. 

12. A weird body skill.
I have no skills. Like none. 

13. Comfort food.
Chips. Any and all potato chips

14. A word or phrase that you say all the time.
Well good grief. 

15. What do you sleep in?
Either a cotton pj set (from Sams that are so so soft) or yoga pants and a super comfy top. 

Y'all answer these questions and send me the link so I can see how weird you all are! ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stranded: 3 Books [a linkup]

Remember last month when we were all pretending we were stranded on a deserted island? The topic in April was what 3 medicine cabinet items would you take with you. You can read about my 3 items here

This month, the girls (Erika and Shay) are asking what 3 books we would take on a deserted island. 
And y'all. This one is tough!

Current book: The Good Girl

Since I'm in the middle of a book, I'd definitely take it so I can finish. I'm only about 1/4 of the way through, but I've read enough to get totally hooked. This is also my book club's current read, btw. 

This is my all-time favorite book, and I've read it several times. I love it every single time. And I cry every single time, even though I know what's going to happen. That makes it a great book, in my opinion! If you haven't read this yet, order it now! It's not James Patterson's typical murder mystery suspense book, and he kills it. Haha. Get it? Kills it? Haha

I actually just got an email suggesting this book and a friend in my book club has been trying to get me to read this for months. I obviously haven't yet, but what better time to read it than when I'm sitting in the sand on a deserted island? Amiright? As soon as this island appears, I will read this book.

What about you all? What 3 books would you take to read on this hypothetical deserted island?

And if you're interested in linking up, here's the list for future linkups. 

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