Tuesday, April 5, 2016

{Show and Tell} Fantasy Talk Show

Linking up with my favorite blogger, Momfessionals, for Show and Tell Tuesday.

This week's entry is so FUN! 

Fantasy Talk Show

Y'all. Since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a talk show host. My mom always watched Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, Oprah....my mom watched them all. Therefore, I did too. I loved them, and I said many times, my dream job would be a talk show host. 

Of course, back then, I loved the drama of Ricki and Jenny, but also loved how poised and professional Oprah was. Of course, she was the ultimate host. 

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Now, 20 years later, shows are different. There are cooking shows like The Chew and Rachael Ray, and the "talk shows" like The View and The Talk, and my favorite, Ellen!

I think now, as an adult, I would want a mix. 

I'd want the humor of Ellen.
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 The cooking segment of The Chew. 
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The hot topics of The View. 
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The celebrity interviews like Oprah.
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And of course, I'd have to do a Melanie's Favorite Things at least twice a year and give away tons of my favorite items. "You get a Kate Spade. And you get Silpada. And you get a lifetime supply of milkshakes!" 
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Wouldn't you want to watch that show? Wouldn't I be a great host? (Lie and say yes!)

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