Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Louisville Shenanigans

I went to visit my lifelong bff in Louisville this weekend. I gassed up the car, got my playlist ready, and hit I65 for the 1.5 hour drive up. Yeah, I know...1.5 hours isn't bad. But it's not next door like it used to be. 

I met Whit for lunch at Wild Eggs. This was my very first visit to Wild Eggs. 

And oh. my. gosh. It was delish!

I ordered fresh squeezed orange juice. You guys. This juice must have been created by angels in heaven. It was the best juice I've ever had. 

And the Yellow Submarine sandwich was amazing. Shaved ham, bacon, egg, cheese, and lettuce and tomato. Holy smokes. It was good. 

But those pickles on top?

They made my eyes water. I'm a baby when it comes to anything spicy. And these? HOT! Whitney said it best, they must have been soaked in lava. So hot!

We then made our way to the salon for pedicures. I never start sandal season until I've had a proper pedi. 

So relaxing. Much needed. 

The name of the polish wasn't on the bottom, so I googled and guessed that this was it. Perfect shade of pink for spring/summer. 

Whitney and I stopped by Hobby Lobby and Ross for a bit (my second trip to each of the stores that morning, but across town), then we parted ways. I love catching up with her; always fun. We first met in Kindergarten, sang in chorus together, earned badges in Girl Scouts, and attended school together all the way through. We've been besties a long time and she's a good one. 

Since I was sooo close to some outlets, I decided to hit them up. 

Hey there! While I love this outlet mall, it was so windy that people had on ear muffs and scarves, even though it was 55 degrees out. I just stopped in a few stores, so I could head home. 

My favorite! Kate Spade. I lingered in here awhile, but since Whit had picked up a tote for me earlier in the week, I felt guilty buying anything else. So I left Kate empty handed. 

Photo via
Here's the bag Whitney picked up for me. Isn't she gorgeous?!

But since I was looking for something in particular at Hobby Lobby (with no luck in 2 Louisville stores and the BG one), I made a pit stop in Etown on the way home. They didn't have the pennant I needed for a shower, but they did have this life-size flamingo that I desperately need. How cute is she?

I think I need to go back and get her. 

I also made a trip to the TJ Maxx there. Every  TJ is different, so I like stopping by each one I see. Is that crazy? So be it. 

I found this super cute gold sandals, but like I mentioned before, I had spent so much at Penneys (hello, 6 tops!) and Ross and Torrid (hello, 4 pairs of pants), that I decided it would be wise to leave them there.

However, I think I will go to the BG store tomorrow to see if they have them. 

Hello. My name is Melanie and I'm a shopaholic. It's a real problem sometimes, my friends.

I think I will end my tangent now. I started by telling you about my trip to see Whit, then it became a tell-all of my shopping. Oops. Such is the life.


  1. Hi! I found you through the Momfessionals link up and you crack me up! I love those gold sandals!

    1. Well thanks! I love that; best compliment ever! Hope you'll stick around!

  2. I love the name "Wild Eggs" and now I want to go eat breakfast there! :) And looooving that tote your friend got for you- so pretty and Spring-y!


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