Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Talk: Hair & Makeup

This will be a scary post for one reason, and one reason only. 

Bed head. 

It's real. And it's scary! 
And no, I'm not ashamed that I shared that for the world to see. 

Erika and Andrea are talking today. And they're talking about hair and makeup routines. I try to keep mine short and sweet. Here we go....

After hitting snooze one or two times, and taking the dog out, 
I head to the bathroom to put my face on. 

I keep all of my makeup in one of these little containers. It's not very organized, but my bathroom vanity is tiny, and there just isn't room for organization. 

I pull my hair back, and slather on this moisturizer sample from Merle Norman. I love it. 

Then I paint this on my face. 

And top it with this for a more matte finish. 

NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation Medium Beige

I am such a fan of these Mary Kay eye shadows. I've used them for years. While I've tried others, I keep coming back to these favorites.
; Granite
; Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color / Shadow ~ sweet plum

Next goes the eyeliner (Cover Girl is my fave), and then the mascara. 

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara (BLACK) Full Size

And then we go to the hair. Y'all. My hair is a nightmare. 
It never curls the same, is always frizzy, and will look totally different by the end of the day. 

Because it was so crazy this morning, I decided to use the curling iron and create some loose curls. I've been on this method for about a week, but I'll probably get tired of it, and go back to the easy way. 

And we're finished.

The only product I used today was this big sexy hair spray. It has major hold, which I need if I want to see these orchestrated curls in a few hours. 

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray

And here's the finished look.  

Ready for Monday....or as ready as I can be. 

Share your hair and makeup routine; I'd love to see how you get ready!

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  1. Mel, I seriously just love reading your blog. Your writing style is awesome and you keep me entertained- sometimes laughing!! I found you through these link ups and I'm glad I did!! Keep writing!!! :)


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