Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy happy Friday, friends!

I'm going to be linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Momfessionals, today and share my Friday Favorites. 

Here we go!

After church on Sunday, I met Celesta and Brandi at our local hot dog joint, Paradise Point. They have some freaking delicious hot dogs, tasty chips, and the most random, funky, eclectic spot on the side of the road. After downing some dogs, we hopped on this super fun tandem bike. Well, Brandi did. I wasn't tall enough to reach the seat, so I just stood there. Haha

Similar Top

I love love Target rugs. They always have the cutest rugs, and I want them all! I settled on this super cute pineapple one for my back door. Doesn't it just make you happy?

Similar Rug or Similar Rug

Opie, my parents' dog and my work companion is trying to be a good influence, I think. He will be in my lap, and as soon as I would logon to the kate spade website, he would jump up on the desk and sit on my keyboard. Y'all. This happened 4 different times yesterday. Same website. Same position on the keyboard. Think it's a sign?

I'm the world's worst about changing this dang calendar block thing. I've been up to 4 days behind before. And it absolutely drives some of our customers nuts. Like they will get up from the bench while they are waiting, comment on how I'm not doing my job, and change it for me. I just laugh. This was taken this morning, just a day behind. And don't worry, I did change it once I remembered.

I saved my favorite moment for last- I met UK point guard, and arguably the best point guard in the nation Tuesday night. Tyler Ulis. I've met about 5 UK stars over the past few years, and he was, by far, the nicest and most polite. You can see my other meet & greets here and here and here. Thanks, Ulis, for being a fan favorite! 

That's it for me, guys. Tell me some awesome things that have happened to you this week. 

Happy weekend!

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