Thursday, April 21, 2016

C's Last Fling

One of my good friends is getting married Saturday, and we recently celebrated her "last fling" this past weekend. With this group of girls, I knew we would have a big time. And they did not disappoint. 

I actually spent time on my makeup. And filters don't hurt, amiright?

A fun group here!

My awesome stylist and friend, Brandi.

A little fun with inappropriate props.

And we're off- heading to Nashville!

We ate at a cool little spot called Party Fowl. 

If you're a wuss like me, order just the plain chicken. I got mild and it made my eyes water! I can't imagine the heat in the Nashville HOT!

Then we headed to this place called Play. It was basically a lip-syncing show for drag queens.

Doesn't she look just like Cher???

This was seriously the BEST performance of the entire night. Love me some Cher.

The bride, C.

Yet another lady.

Even Dolly showed up!

Another great performance! We think this lady may be a Magic Mike when he's not in drag.


And a picture to cap off the entertaining night. 

Congratulations, C! Hope your last fling was a blast! 


  1. Your top is so cute! Can you tell me where you go it?? Adorable!

    1. Thank you! The floral top came from Ross recently!


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