Thursday, April 7, 2016

Come and Knock on my (Newly Painted) Door....

....I've been waiting #singalong

I moved into my house the week before Thanksgiving. And as soon as I moved in, I knew I would be changing some colors, one of those being the front door.

It was just so brown and blended in with the exterior paint. I wanted a door that popped! 

See? So blah. 

Wanna know what color I went with?


I had never painted much before....and never a door. So I was pretty nervous. It took me a couple months to work up the courage. But I finally did it. 

I got some primer, a brush, and my pink!!!!! paint, and got to work this past Sunday. Finally!

Before pic is boring brown. #AlliterationForTheWin

A little primer action. 

First coat. Going to be honest here, this scene scared me! The paint job looked horrible!!!

But the color.... I loved!

A few more coats, and we had a winner!

A little preview......

And the final look. 

You guys. I'm obsessed with my front door. If I can't have a pink door now, when can I????

So if you're coming over for a visit, just look for the pink door. 
Obviously, I'm the only one in the neighborhood. 

I'm sure my neighbors love me! ;)


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