Wednesday, April 13, 2016

3 Medicine Cabinet Items [a linkup]

I love those "what if...." kind of posts. You get to daydream about all kinds of random things. Well, Erika and Shay have come up with a fun link-up that lets me daydream about some of those what ifs. 

Stranded with... is the series. It's a once a month link-up where you list 3 things you would choose to take with you if you were to be stranded on a deserted island.

Today's topic is what 3 medicine cabinet items would you choose to take with you to a deserted island. Since it's deserted, I'm going to assume there are no fancy resorts or shops or butlers; just me and my 3 items. 

This is kinda hard guys. Only 3 items to be stranded on a deserted island?  That's tough! I need all kinds of stuff. 

But let's get down to the basics.....

1. Toothpaste & a toothbrush

The very first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth. I can't stand that feeling. So that's at the top of the list. 

2. Moisturizing Lotion

Being in the weather in the hot sun will be terrible on my skin, so I'm going to stay moisturized. My favorite is Aveeno. I've tried tons of moisturizers, and this is the best I've found. (PS. If you love another brand, please fill me in!)

3. NYX Stay Matte Powder
Since I'll be outdoors, I don't want anything heavy, so I'll use this powder foundation. It's light, but it covers. And we all know you don't want to be all bare-faced and "natural" when a handsome rescuer comes to save me.

What 3 items would you choose?


  1. I can't believe I didn't think of my toothbrush. ;/ Gross!!!

  2. Powder for when the handsome rescuers come. I'm dying! Love it!

    1. I'm trying to think ahead here, Lisa! Lol


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