Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Veggie Pizza

For the paint party I hosted on Saturday, I decided to make a Veggie Pizza. I remember trying one years ago, and I loved it! So why not try to make my own? If I had known how simple it was, I would have attempted this way before now!

Veggie Pizza
-2 cans of crescent rolls
-16 oz. sour cream
-1 cream cheese
-1 pack of ranch seasoning mix
-1 cup of each diced veggie  you choose
-cherry tomatoes
-1/2 to 1 cup of shredded cheese

Unroll crescent rolls onto a greased cookie sheet. 
I use the spray and lined my pan in foil for easy clean-up. 
It's not pretty, but overlapping is ok!

While that bakes, mix together the sour cream, cream cheese, and ranch packet. 

 Oh, hey! Here I am using a mixer! I'm so fancy. 
After you've mixed everything, refrigerate. 

Once the crescent have cooled (about 30 minutes), spread the ranch mixture over the rolls. Be generous. I actually had about a cup of ranch leftover, so I saved it for dip later on. 

Sprinkle your diced veggies over the ranch. I just bought a bag of broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix, and a tub of cherry tomatoes. Also, instead of chopping the carrots, I used a veggie peeler to make little slivers. I thought that was cuter. ;)

I didn't use quite a 1/2 cup of cheese, but just enough for color and flavor. 

Refrigerate before serving. Don't forget to cut into squares!

You guys. This is the best appetizer. I ate so many slices. 
I wish I had some now!

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