Thursday, March 10, 2016

{Real Talk} What's in a name-brand?

I've had a revelation today. And I won't promise that I won't change my mind by the end of the day. Because I'm fickle like that.

But I was scrolling through Target's site, and found several cute purses. But I didn't even think of buying them. And I'm actually embarrassed by the reason.

Because they weren't name-brand.

They weren't Michael Kors. Or Kate Spade.

Now that my closet is full of those brands, I feel like I can't go backwards and buy faux leather, department store purses. I need to stick to the status quo, per se.

And there's something seriously wrong with that.

I don't mind wearing clothes from Target. Or shoes from Target. So why do I think I'm above a purse from Target.

Good grief, self. Does anyone actually care?

Is someone going to look at my bag and be like, "That's not a $200 bag. How dare she?" No. Because no one else cares either.

But I like when people compliment my bag. And when I see someone carry a Kate, I'm like "Ohhh. She has good taste." I like being known for cute bags. I admit, I'm vain.

But honestly, who fricking cares?

What's your opinion?


  1. I'm like that too. I like vintage Coach bags. I have four. They are vintage because I have held onto them that long! I only change purses when I get a new one, and I am so picky that it rarely happens. So I can relate ... a little.

  2. My most complimented purse if from Target and in over...5 years the faux leather has never once ripped, torn or shown damage. Give Target purses a chance, then you'll have all that extra money for more stuff you don't need from Target!


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