Friday, February 19, 2016

Twitter Faves Friday

It's been a hot minute since I've shared my favorite tweets for the week. 
I thought I'd bring it back this week. 

Pizza is my best friend. And this would be me.

I LOVE watching the Wildcats play, and Ulis is a freaking basketball genius. So his assist making #2 on the Top Ten was a fave!


I follow and unfollow a lot of celebs. Gigi is one of my faves. And sometimes you just need a nice little reminder like this one.

And then sometimes celebs will make you laugh.

So true, Lizzie. So ducking true.

Btw- did you hear that Lizzie (a KY girl on Real Housewives of Orange Co) sent me a snapchat message back? To say I as excited is an understatement. And yes, that may be lame to you, but I don't care.

Ok. Obviously nothing earth shattering. But still. Some of my blog friends don't even respond to my snaps. And this gal did.

That's all for the week. Follow me on twitter here to see more.

Linking up with Andrea today.

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