Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars Red Carpet {Best & Worst Dressed}

My favorite part of the Oscars is the Red Carpet. I sleep through the actual awards, because #SoBoring. But my favorite part of the Red Carpet is choosing the Best and Worst Dressed. Here's my choices.

Worst Dressed

Kate Winslett (in Ralph Lauren)
Honey, I love you. But you look like you raided your cabinets for some Glad bags. This would be pretty in a different fabric and a big statement necklace. But shiny isn't always good. 

Cate Blanchett (in Armani) & Jennifer Jason Leigh
Again, these wouldn't be so bad if these girls hadn't made the trip to Hobby Lobby to buy some blooms. 

Heidi Klum (in Versace)
No. Just no. The sleeves. The big flowers. Too much, Heidi. 

Rooney Mara (in Versace)
This would be so pretty...if you're getting the 1800s.  
And did some kids get some scissors and mess up the middle? This is terrible.

#1 Worst Dressed
Sandy Powell
I don't know who this is or what she's wearing, but no. Is this a costume party and Sandy was the only one that got the invite?

This just goes to show that just because it's designers and a certain brand does not make it cute. 

Now my favorite favorite part-- Best Dressed! 
This was easy to choose, because so many ladies showed up on their A game.

Charlize Theron (in Dior)
Charlize's accessories (i.e. the necklace) completely made this look on the list. I don't care for her hair, but let's focus on the necklace. Killer.

Isla Fisher
She always looks so effortlessly flawless. This sweet floral dress is definitely fitting for her whimsy style on the red carpet. I just love her.

Chrissy Teigen (in Marchesa)
In my eyes, Chrissy can do no wrong. She just wins at life. I can imagine that it would be hard to style someone pregnant, but you guys, Chrissy looked better than the majority of ladies on the carpet. This was almost my #1. Maybe I should reconsider. #Flawless

Jennifer Garner (in Versace)
Ok. Seriously. You look amazing, Jenn. Everything about this dress is perfections.
 Always elegant. Always beautiful. 

#1 Best Dressed
Julianne Moore
I'm actually surprised that Julianne wore such a fierce piece, but I love it! The top is almost cage-y and has a rock star kind of feel, but the bling and full skirt make it feminine. I just love it so so much!

Of course, every list is different and everyone has differing opinions. So many good looks last night!

Now, Fashion Police, call me!

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