Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars Red Carpet {Best & Worst Dressed}

My favorite part of the Oscars is the Red Carpet. I sleep through the actual awards, because #SoBoring. But my favorite part of the Red Carpet is choosing the Best and Worst Dressed. Here's my choices.

Worst Dressed

Kate Winslett (in Ralph Lauren)
Honey, I love you. But you look like you raided your cabinets for some Glad bags. This would be pretty in a different fabric and a big statement necklace. But shiny isn't always good. 

Cate Blanchett (in Armani) & Jennifer Jason Leigh
Again, these wouldn't be so bad if these girls hadn't made the trip to Hobby Lobby to buy some blooms. 

Heidi Klum (in Versace)
No. Just no. The sleeves. The big flowers. Too much, Heidi. 

Rooney Mara (in Versace)
This would be so pretty...if you're getting the 1800s.  
And did some kids get some scissors and mess up the middle? This is terrible.

#1 Worst Dressed
Sandy Powell
I don't know who this is or what she's wearing, but no. Is this a costume party and Sandy was the only one that got the invite?

This just goes to show that just because it's designers and a certain brand does not make it cute. 

Now my favorite favorite part-- Best Dressed! 
This was easy to choose, because so many ladies showed up on their A game.

Charlize Theron (in Dior)
Charlize's accessories (i.e. the necklace) completely made this look on the list. I don't care for her hair, but let's focus on the necklace. Killer.

Isla Fisher
She always looks so effortlessly flawless. This sweet floral dress is definitely fitting for her whimsy style on the red carpet. I just love her.

Chrissy Teigen (in Marchesa)
In my eyes, Chrissy can do no wrong. She just wins at life. I can imagine that it would be hard to style someone pregnant, but you guys, Chrissy looked better than the majority of ladies on the carpet. This was almost my #1. Maybe I should reconsider. #Flawless

Jennifer Garner (in Versace)
Ok. Seriously. You look amazing, Jenn. Everything about this dress is perfections.
 Always elegant. Always beautiful. 

#1 Best Dressed
Julianne Moore
I'm actually surprised that Julianne wore such a fierce piece, but I love it! The top is almost cage-y and has a rock star kind of feel, but the bling and full skirt make it feminine. I just love it so so much!

Of course, every list is different and everyone has differing opinions. So many good looks last night!

Now, Fashion Police, call me!

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Twitter Faves Friday

Bringing you my favorites tweets from the week since 2015....

Yes. This is accurate.

Everyone loves drama when they aren't involved. I'm no different. And Kanye's are really cray.

Fuller House marathon is happening tonight. I've got my 90s costume ready and we are partying with the Tanners.

Girl. I have soooo many stories working with customers. I just don't understand them either.

Can I just be Olivia Pope already?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Participating in What's Up Wednesday today with Sheaffer and Shay and Mel

The last Wednesday of every month, answer the following questions, and link up with the ladies. 

What I'm eating this week
My favorite Mexican place, Garcias. It's so fresh. So good.  

What I'm reminiscing about
I'm coming up blank with this one. Forgive me. 

What I'm loving
 Lying in bed with the fan on and watching Grey's Anatomy. The weather has been gloomy, so this has been my go-to comfy, cozy place.
And this doesn't hurt....

What I've been up to
Reading for my book club. Watching Greys. Going out to eat. That is my life.

What I'm dreading
I need to make an appointment with my doc for normal checkups. That's always fun. #sarcasm

What I'm working on
Behavior Plan. Or should be anyway. I've become the queen of procrastination. Oh wait.....I've always been that.

What I'm excited about
Getting all of my shiny new jewelry in. I placed a couple orders last week for items from the new Silpada catalog, and I can't wait to get them all in. 

What I'm watching
As I've mentioned before, Grey's Anatomy. Y'all. I've been trucking along, watching as many episodes as I can at night before either my eyelids close on me, or I give up and go to bed because it's SO late and I have work the next morning. It's sad how obsessed with this show I've become.

What I'm reading
Beyond Belief by Jenna Warren. 
It's about a girl who grew up in Scientology and her escape from it. Kind of slow, but I think all memoirs are slow so....  

What I'm listening to 
XM radio (90s on 9 and Pop2K on 10) and Adele's "When We Were Young"

What I'm wearing
I found some Ugg Lattice Cardy Sweater boots on clearance at Dillards on Saturday, so I snatched them up. I'd been looking at them all season, but never pulled the trigger. But for $75? I couldn't pass them up. 

What I'm doing this weekend
I have no plans set in stone yet. And I'm kind of excited about that.

What I'm looking forward to next month
Paint party! I've organized a paint party for the young women at our church. We will be painting a wooden cross door hanger and eating all kinds of yummy finger foods and fellowshiping with one another. Fun times.

What else is new
I bought a leopard chair and ottoman on Monday. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I couldn't pass it up. Couldn't. Pics coming soon!

Bonus: What is your favorite Easter tradition? 
Church. That's pretty much an every Sunday tradition, but there's something about Easter Sunday at church, and really focusing on how Jesus died so we could live and his amazing resurrection. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Day in the Life

I really enjoy "A Day in the Life" posts from some of my favorite bloggers. It's fun to see what their day looks like in their corner of the blog world. How they live, where they work, what they eat and do. It's just interesting to see how other people do this life. 

So I decided to try my own little post. And let me tell ya, it was hard to remember to take pictures! And then other times I took like 10 pics in an hour. Consistent, right? Anywho, this post is picture heavy, so be prepared.

Here we go!

7 am

My alarm goes off at 7, but Ive been known to hit snooze a time or two.
Note:  I really need thicker curtains.

I decided to only sleep through one round of snooze this morning and got up at 7:09. What's with the 9 minutes anyway. Isn't that random?

The first thing I do after taking my dog out is brush my teeth and put on my makeup. I have a pretty simple makeup routine, which I should probably care more about, but whatever.  

Then on to hair. Since I've been wearing it curly again, it's been so much easier. And a lot quicker.

Then I move onto the closet to choose the days outfit. Lately it's been a leggings, sweater, and boots rotation. I'm pretty basic.

After leaving the house in the morning, I head to get breakfast. I have enough time to make it across town and sit in line at McDonalds, so that is what I do. 

While I'm in line waiting to order, I check Instagram (melanie_ks) and see this post from former blogger, Whoa, Aly. Good mantra for today!

Finally get to the menu. I ordered sausage and pancakes.

Heading to work...

8 am

Here's our office. I work at a collision center in the office. Fun stuff, I tell ya.

While I eat my pancakes (yummmm!), I skim some Bloglovin'. I hit up my faves first- Mix & Match Family, Momfessionals, and A Little Bit of Everything

After breakfast I work on some paperwork that had stacked up on me. Oops!

9 am

I keep the tv on ABC all day, unless I just can't handle what's on (ahem, Dr. Oz). And honestly, I don't even hear or watch the tv since it's behind me. But I try to listen to Kelly and Michael. Love that duo. 

10 am

I have some listings ending today, so I invoice for those. And maybe check out a thing...or ten. I've gotta know what kind of bargains are out there.

The entire time I'm at work, I'm doing paperwork, answering phone calls, calling customers, helping customers that come in, etc. While I do have down time, I'm usually multi-tasking and looking up stuff while I'm working. 

11 am

I usually go to lunch anywhere from 11 to 12, just depending on how hungry I am and what I have going on at that time. Zaxby's was the winner today. Hello, boneless wings!

Since it's a Thursday and I leave early, I eat work at my desk and watch some Netflix. I'm constantly pausing it to help people or answer the phone so it's not all fun and games.

12 pm

On the phone with a talkative customer (seriously, why do they feel the need to share every detail).... I check out Instagram.

1 pm

Slow-ish day, so I turn Netflix back on. #hardlife

2 pm 

Time to start preparing for job #2. I work part-time as a behavior specialist two afternoons a week. I was going to do it full-time until my step-dad needed someone for his office. But instead of quitting, I kept my client and work with him a few hours a week. This is me working on his daily data sheet.

Before I make the 45 minute-ish drive to BG for therapy, I make a pitstop at Walgreens for some snacks.

This aisle is exactly what I was hoping to find- the clearance Valentine's candy aisle.

And then I spot these. WHY DO THESE EXIST?????? Don't worry. I didn't purchase them.

And then I got in the car, and I dug into these. Amazing. Just what I wanted. #noshame

Getting on I65 to cruise to BG.

Sometimes I do snapchat (melanie_ks) pics and videos the entire way. And sometimes I record the concerts I'm hosting.

Today's concert featured ballads. Love this song. 

3 pm

 I've hit BG. My exit is next. 

I've arrived at school. 

And head to the parking lot.  

I'm usually a little early (because otherwise I'd be stuck in the car rider line for half an hour), so I read a little....

And sneak a little more chocolate. 

At 3:30 I head inside and wait for the bell and his arrival. 

4 pm

And then we head to the stage to do work. ABA therapy is based on rewarding good behavior and ignoring or using techniques to diminish negative behavior. We use snacks, games, ipad, etc for reinforcers. And the diet coke with a straw is mine. 

Selfies with the selfie stick! I obviously cropped out the kid because (a.) privacy issues and (b.) I'm sure his parents don't want him out in the blog world.  

5 pm

A lot of the work I do is focused on the client's communication and behavior with his peers. So I observe and step in a lot. Here, he is playing Blokus with a friend. What in the world is this game and how do you play it? Reminds me of Tetris pieces.

I've counted appropriate and inappropriate mands. I've charted and finished paperwork. Now just waiting on mom to pick him up so we can go over the session. 

6 pm

By 6, I'm either getting ready to leave or am on the road home. Parking lot is empty and shockingly, there is still some light out!

I love a good sunset. Looks like the sky is on fire. Good work, God!

I sing some more. I love the Biebs.

Finally back in Glasgow!

I pull into the garage, get the trash can and mail, and rush inside.

There's a ball game on! Go Cats!

Wherever I sit, that's where my shoes come off. Immediately!

I get some doggy kisses from Mia.

7 pm 

At halftime of the game, I head to the kitchen to make dinner. This is a rarity that I'm cooking. It's either out to eat, leftovers (which I don't do often), or frozen stuff. 

I visited the Amish store this past weekend, and picked up some jam and sourdough bread. So that's on the menu.

The Pioneer Woman AND Juliette recently made some "Eggs in Basket?" Is that what it's called? I have no idea. 

In case it didn't turn out, I also scrambled some eggs. Ya never know with me in front of the stove. Btw- I got a new toaster oven for Christmas. I've burned 3 of the 4 things I've put in it, including sour dough toast I tried to make to go with my scrambled eggs. Ugh.

I like drinking from mugs. And more likely than not, it's not coffee I'm drinking. Today is orange juice!

8 pm 

The game is over (WE WON!),  so I head to bed. I love watching tv and unwinding in my bed. It's so comfy. Before I do that, though, I take some photos of retired Silpada to post. New stuff coming in, so old stuff has to go out. 

And speaking of new, I can't get enough of our new catalog. I'm excited about every single piece we debuted this month. And of course, Greys is on in the background. Let me tell ya, if I'm going to get through 11 seasons, I have to watch as much as I can. 

9 pm

Then I checked snapchat (melanie_ks) again. All of the stories kill me. 

Remembering that book club is in exactly one week, I read a bit before I head to sleep. This is what I was reading in the parking lot earlier. It's been on my "to-read" list for awhile, and luckily all of the ladies wanted to read it too. However, with all of the Greys watching I've been doing, reading hasn't been a priority. Oops!

10 pm

My eyelids get heavy, and finally, I turn off all electronics and head to bed. 

And there's my day! Lots of eating, singing, and Netflix. ;) Typical Thursday!

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