Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowmaggedon Jonas

I got a whopping 12 inches this weekend, and it was Jonas. 

Get your mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about Jonas, aka Snowmaggedon 2016. And those 12 inches were snow. And that's a lot for Kentucky. 

I actually got a snow day on Friday, which never happens, so I spent the day doing what any productive gal would do on an unexpected day off. 

I slept. I ate. And I watched Netflix. Duh. 

When I finally did venture out, I wore my super comfy boots with the fur. 

My guard dog stayed out in the cold and foot of snow to keep guard on the neighborhood.
Which was pretty quiet and peaceful over the weekend.

I got home Saturday night to see an UGO- an unidentified glowing object. Turns out, my solar landscape lights must have gotten some sun and one was glowing. Freaky!

The sun finally came out on Sunday, and Mia lounged in the sun, watching my neighbor shovel my driveway, and plows go up and down the road. 

It's Tuesday now, and I'm back to work. And instead of sleeping, eating and Netflixing, I'm just eating. But that's another topic for another day.....

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