Monday, January 18, 2016

Slumby Party

I had my very first "slumby party", as she calls it, with my niece on Friday. Y'all. I had the most fun! Maybe more than she did. 

We played baby dolls and daycare. A lot. 

We ate pizza, and ice cream, and pepperonis. 

We played puzzles and matching on the ipad. 

We had trouble going to sleep. Stall tactics are real, y'all. Very real. And I could not sleep a wink while she was there. 

I was absolutely and completely worn out after. I may have crashed that night and slept better than I had in weeks. 

This 3 year old cracks me up. I thought I'd share a few notes from our night:

1. We ordered pizza and she couldn't grasp the concept that they brought it to my front door. She has never witnessed pizza delivery. The shame. 

2. She wanted a girl to deliver. Not a guy. I told her the girl must have been at home. 

3. We forgot to pray before we ate, so we stopped halfway through our pizza party to pray. 

4. We also forgot ranch. Mel didn't have ranch. 

5. Where's the chicken? She wanted chicken. I didn't order chicken. She only told her mom she wanted pepperoni.

6. She woke up at 2 am. We chatted for about an hour about what we would do when we woke up again. 

7. Then she asks, "When's the slumby party?" 
Ummm...was she wanting balloons?

I love that she enjoyed her first slumby party with Mel, and she was ready the next night to come back. Mel may need more recovery time though. 

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  1. LOL- this is seriously so cute!! She's gorgeous btw, that hair?! I am jealous! So many cute things though- the pizza delivery haha!


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