Monday, January 11, 2016

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Going all U.S. Magazine on you and sharing 25 things you may not know about me.

1. I love a good movie quote. Bridesmaids quotes are on repeat. 

2. Laughing is my favorite thing in the entire world. Belly aches and crying. Yep. That's a great feeling.

3. Sleep is sooo underrated. The whole "you can sleep when you're dead" line isn't for me. 

4. I eat like a 4 year old. 

5. I'm addicted to sodas. I crave them. 

6. I like to keep my house chilly, and wrap up in sweatshirts and blankets.

7. I'm obsessed with school supplies. Mainly writing utensils. 

8. I try to be a leader, but I'm more of a follower. 

9. I could eat out for every meal. I rarely cook. 

10. I'm addicted to social media. 

11. I hate talking on the phone. Text me. Don't call. 

12. I'm super nosy. I want all the info. 

13. Handbags and Silpada are my fave splurges. 

14. I think I was a decorator in a former life. I love when a room comes together. 

15. Shopping is either an all day event or just a blip on my radar. Go big or go home. 

16. I love trading vehicles. The longest I've ever driven one is 3 years. I loved that car. 

17. TJ Maxx/Home Goods is my fave store!

18. I eat Garcia's Mexican food every Sunday night after church with the same group. And sometimes during the week too. 

19. I hate Walmart. And only go like 5 times a year, when it's an absolute must. 

20. I'm very emotional. I cry all the time for a million different reasons. 

21. I've been to Vegas 4 times in the last 6 years. 

22. I have a 2 lb. dog that looks like a rat. 

23. I'm terrified of mice and rats. 

23.  Potatoes are my favorite food. 

24. I was born on Halloween night. 

25. I look terrible in hats, but love them anyway. 

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