Monday, December 14, 2015

Amy Freaking Schumer

I drove to Nashville to see my best friend on Friday. Who is that, you may ask?

The funniest woman on Earth. 

People's most intriguing woman of the year. 

She's famous. 

And my spirit animal. 

It's Amy Freaking Schumer

She just doesn't know it. 

My original bff, Meg, got us tickets. And I was so dang excited. Can't you tell by the frizz in my hair? I mean it was a big moment. 

She was so funny. 

Very very vulgar, but funny. 

Booze is my boyfriend. 
Katie Couric.
Alabama Hot Pocket. 

Just hilarious. 

I may or may not have talked like her the entire ride home. Meh. 

And watched Trainwreck the next night. 

And then one of my tweets made this site.

Basically what I'm saying is, go see her. Or become her.

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  1. I would have LOVED to have seen her! I need to see Trainwreck!


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