Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Favorite Things

My favorite posts are when I share my favorite things with you. (So I guess that could be #1 on my list, technically.) And I love reading about everyone else's faves too. I don't know what the appeal is, but I do.

So today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers to share my favorite things from this past year. BTW- how the holy moses is it already 2016? I'm getting so old.....

I decided at the beginning of 2015 that I needed to be back in church. I'm lucky that I have wonderful, Christian friends and family that encouraged me without being pushy and judgmental. I am now going regularly, am active in church activities, and love my church and church family. It's just what I needed, and I am so happy and content with this crazy life. 

I'm a little notorious for changing my mind all the dang time. So it's no surprise I got not one, but two different cars this year. I cant say "new" because they aren't. I loved the Edge, and honestly wouldn't mind having another. Just not in black; I can't for the life of me keep black clean!

Then I got this Rogue. I love it too, but you guys, NO POWER. I'm a little speed demon and need something with a little more get up and go. I'm ready for something else, so we shall see what 2016 brings. 

In June, I attended the Silpada Designs FAB event and had the best time. I got to meet Ryane and Kelsey, the two phenomenal women behind Silpada. They are current co-ceos and their mothers actually created Silpada. Amazing!

I love unique, funky places, and Paradise Point is just that. I went with some friends to have a hot dog (what they're known for) and an ice cream cone one Sunday after church. Finally! It's just down the road from me, and I had never been! Crazy, right?

I'm at that age. Everyone I know is married, pregnant, or already has 5 kids. (Everyone but me, that is.) And honestly, I was so excited when two of my best friends had littles this year. Welcome to the world, Grayson and John Benjamin! And yes, there will be lots more babies in 2016!

 Lake time is always a favorite of mine. Always. 

I got to take another trip in September, and it did not disappoint. My Vegas partner in crime, Meg, and her husband, Kyle, and I made another trip to Vegas. So. Much. Fun. Food. Shopping. Cirque shows. Slot machines. I'm ready to go back!

I was super pumped to see former Cats return to Rupp for an NBA pre-season game. My faves, Big Cuz, Willie, Rondo, and ole unibrow himself, Anthony Davis. So much fun!

I've just recently shared about my trip to see my bff, the funniest woman in America, Amy Schumer. She was hysterical. 

And finally, probably the biggest event of 2015, was purchasing my house in October, one day before my birthday! I moved in the weekend before Thanksgiving, and things are still a mess, but I'm so excited I have another place to call home. 

I hope your 2015 was just as wonderful as mine. Cheers to 2016, y'all!

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  1. Yay on your new home!! I love seeing every bodies favs too and you got it girl...lake time is the BEST!!! Happy New Year!!


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