Monday, November 9, 2015

ABCs of Me

This is floating around Facebook, and while I don't do this kind of thing there, I thought it 

would be perfect for this little ole blog. Feel free to copy and do it yourself! 

A- Age: that's hard to say out loud. Yikes!

B- Biggest fear: Not finding my person. 

C- Current time: 9:06 am

D- Drink you last had: Coffee. Who am I kidding, it was more like 1/2 coffee 1/2 creamer

E- Every day starts with: Taking the dog out to pee

F- Favorite song: Right now? I've totally jumped on the bandwagon and am going with 

"Tennessee Whiskey". I know. I'm lame. But it's so good. I'm also on a Garth Brooks 

"Cheyenne" kick. 

G- Ghosts, are they real: Only on Halloween

H- Hometown: Glasgow, KY 

I- In love with: hmmm

J- Jealous of: Naturally skinny people

K- Killed someone?: Only in my head

L- Last time you cried?: On my birthday.... because I felt so lucky to have the family I have.

M- Middle name: Kay

N- Number of siblings: 1 sister 

O- One wish: Get married on a tropical beach

P- Person you last called: Mom

Q- Question you're always asked: Is your hair naturally curly?

R- Reason to smile: Jokes

S- Song last sang: Tennessee Whiskey 
T- Time you woke up: 7:00 am

U- Underwear color: Leopard. Rawr. 

V- Vacation destination: Last one was Vegas! 

W- Worst habit: Drinking sodas

Y- Your favorite food: Extra cheese pizza

X- X-Rays you've had: Chest, arms

Z- Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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