Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Let's be honest. I did this to myself. I jinxed myself.

Let me tell you a story. Picture it. Slick Rock. Two weeks ago. A girl sitting with her dad and grandmother.

We were chatting about my brother-in-law and niece both being sick. Dad asks me how I've been.

"Oh, great," I say. "I never get sick. Usually only a cold at the end of summer. I've been good!"

Play the eerie music. Hide under your covers. A collective "uuuhhhhh" can be heard throughout the country.

I did it. I jinxed myself.

The following Tuesday, I come down with some kind of stomach bug. Can't eat. Can't drink. Hugging the porcelain throne like the morning after a bad hangover. A few days later, I'm fine.

Yay! I can eat real food again!

Until Monday  night. I'm at a friend's boutique party, when I suddenly get the chills and can't warm up. I go home, go to bed, and am burning up. Like sweating all through the night and up like every hour because I'm so hot. At work the next day, everyone is freezing because I've got the windows open, air on, and my fan on. Still hot and sweaty. Until about 1pm, when I get the chills again. Long story short, I keep feeling worse and worse. I leave work early, cancel on Bunco night and go to Urgent Care. They test me for flu, but it comes back negative, even though I have all of the symptoms.

You know, I really wonder if this would have happened if I had kept my big mouth shut. Would I have gotten sick at all if I hadn't made the foolish statement- "I never get sick!"

Ya see. I jinxed myself. Don't do it, friends. Don't make such a bold statement. You will pay.

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  1. Sometimes, we say things that we later regret. In this situation, I have also told others that I never get sick only to end up feeling like death a few days later. Next time, think about the ramifications of your words, but I am glad you are feeling some better.


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