Monday, September 14, 2015

Viva Las Vegas

I may or may not have went to Las Vegas over Labor Day weekend. And I may or may not have had a fabulous time. It was very low-key and to be honest, I really liked it that way! So not typical Las Vegas, but who says I'm typical anyway.

Be ready for lots of pictures, I have tons to share.

Kyle, Meg, and I on the plane. The first of many many selfies. 

Luckily Southwest had in-flight tv for free. Yes!!! Meg and I catching up on some Don't Be Tardy...

There's a woman (autocorrect fail) in colonial clothing churning butter. There's something they're not telling us!!!!!
Name that movie. 

That guy is famous!

He's Tuc Watkins. Or as I called him, "Crazy David from One Life to Live". And from Desperate Housewives and lots of others.  Score one for Melanie. 

First night was spent gambling in the hotel. I'm not a big gambler. I'd rather spend my money on mall stuff. 

View from my room at the Aria. 

2 days spent at the pool. Glorious!

I'll take a Strawberry Pina Colada, please. At $20 bucks for a small, it was my only one. Darn it. I'm cheap.  

Night 2 selfie

Dinner at Lupos before seeing Michael Jackson ONE show. 

With my bestie, Meg

My first taste of Tiramisu. It was just ok. 
Waiting for MJ ONE. Excellent show. Go see it. Worth the $$$, for sure!

Breakfast at the patisserie. I got the Nutella Crepe. Holy smokes. It was amazing!
Meg kept winning at the slots. 

And I kept losing. So I started taking selfies instead. 

Getting ready for Night 3. I used Big Sexy Hair Spray and Hold. I sprayed. It held. Wowzer!

Dinner at Lemongrass Thai restaurant.
It was good. Better than the local China King Buffet, but still kinda the same. Eh.  

In The Wynn. Isn't this a gorgeous spot? With my pregnant friend, Meg.
Waiting for Le Reve to begin. 

A cirque du soleil show in water. Amazing! Go see it.

I love these shows!

My very first French Macaron from the hotel's Jean Philippe Patissarie.

It was delicious! Holy smokes, I want more!

On the way to the airport. Bye Vegas. See ya next year!

See all of my pictures on my instagram- @melanie_ks.

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