Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: High School

High School. Oh, high school.

Andrea at Momfessionals wants us to share our time in high school.

I went to Barren County High School, and graduated with 202 students in 2002. We were the Barren County Trojans. And yes, we made tons of jokes about that, as you can imagine teenagers doing.
With my best friends my last few months of school. 
I was a good student, A's and B's only please, and didn't have to work that hard to achieve that. I did my homework, but wasn't studious at all. Imagine my shock when I started taking classes for my degree. I was a rule-follower. Not really a wallflower, but not front row, answer every question type of girl. I took all Honors classes, which doesn't really mean anything after graduation.
Between Soph and Junior year

I had a job at 16, and worked a lot during high school. When I wasn't at work at Pic N Pay or Kmart, I was on the phone, ICQ- remember that???, or at football and basketball games cheering on the Trojans.
One of my senior pictures

I was involved in FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America, and even went on week long leadership camps. I was a member of some other clubs, but wasn't as involved in those. I didn't play sports in high school because honestly, I wasn't that good at them, and I had NO confidence that I could do them. Looking back, I wish I had played volleyball.
Melinda and I on the way home from camp. We are even better friends now than we were then!

Beginning high school, I was kind of tom-boyish. I only wore jeans, tshirts and tennis shoes with my curly, unruly hair in a ponytail. It was tragic. And I can't believe I'm sharing a photo from then, but we all have those photos that should be burned, right?
See? This was bad. Freshman or Sophomore year. I can't believe I put this on here.
 By my junior year, I had lost some weight, was into makeup and clothes, and became super girly.  It was a great transition.
Another Senior picture.
My senior year was by far the best year. I was confident for the first time in my life. I had lots of friends that I was close to (and I wish I had found pictures so I could have added them all on this post). I was involved in lots of stuff and was always on the go. Days were filled with classes and nights filled with parking lot hangouts, parties in cow fields (literally), and trying my best to get my parents to let me stay out all night. It never worked, by the way.
Junior Prom
Oh, high school. I'd like to say "those were the days," but really high school is hard, y'all. You're trying to fit in. Trying to figure out who you are. Trying to please everyone. Competing with everyone for something, it seems. As much fun as I had, I don't think I'd go back. High school should definitely stay in the past. However, I do think I'd give an arm and a leg to look like my 18 year old self. Wasn't I cute back then?

Senior Prom

How was your high school experience?

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  1. I loved looking at these, Mel!
    Your transition before your junior year reminds me so much of my own! :)


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