Monday, August 31, 2015

Can I Be Honest?

Can I be honest for 2.5 seconds? Really honest?

I hate bloggers that lie. I hate when they embellish stories for shock factor. I hate when they add on way more details than actually happened to make the event appear more exciting or dramatic. I hate when they create a whole new storyline to be funny. I hate it.

I like bloggers that are real. Bloggers that tell the truth and don't have to embellish anything for the reader.

I read a blog post last week where, obviously, some of the things didn't happen. The blog post was funny. It was exciting. It kept my attention, and I loved the post. But I hate that we don't know what part of it was actually truth and what part was fiction. Did the event even take place? We don't know.

I can absolutely appreciate a good work of fiction. I can appreciate some made up details that make a story funny and riveting, like the one I read last week. I don't like not knowing what was real though.

Unless the title of your blog says Some Truths and A Lotta Lies, I want everything I read to be real.

That's just me though.


  1. Agree. I try very hard to keep it real, although I obviously don't share everything.


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