Monday, August 31, 2015

Can I Be Honest?

Can I be honest for 2.5 seconds? Really honest?

I hate bloggers that lie. I hate when they embellish stories for shock factor. I hate when they add on way more details than actually happened to make the event appear more exciting or dramatic. I hate when they create a whole new storyline to be funny. I hate it.

I like bloggers that are real. Bloggers that tell the truth and don't have to embellish anything for the reader.

I read a blog post last week where, obviously, some of the things didn't happen. The blog post was funny. It was exciting. It kept my attention, and I loved the post. But I hate that we don't know what part of it was actually truth and what part was fiction. Did the event even take place? We don't know.

I can absolutely appreciate a good work of fiction. I can appreciate some made up details that make a story funny and riveting, like the one I read last week. I don't like not knowing what was real though.

Unless the title of your blog says Some Truths and A Lotta Lies, I want everything I read to be real.

That's just me though.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up again with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.

I wore this necklace yesterday, and l-o-v-e loved it! Look at those tassels and that feather and those cz's. I layered it with lots of other Silpada goodies and it was fabulous! It is definitely one of my favorite pieces!

I've been obsessed with these V8 Splashes the past few weeks. I drink one for breakfast and will usually grab one after dinner because they are yummy! One of my favorite drinks now!

Big Brother. I just started watching during the BB15 season, and quickly became hooked. I love the drama. I love the sneakiness. I love the competitions. I love it all. How can I become a cast member? A favorite on my dvr!

I bought this cell phone case from Monogram Styles on Etsy and LOVE it! The quality is great and the print is way too cute! My favorite case!

 Another favorite is that today is frickin' Friday and I couldn't be more excited! I plan on laking it with the fam, spending some time with great friends, and hopefully having a little relaxing time. 

Happy Friday, y'all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

National Dog Day

I can't let today go by without sharing a photo of my little princess, CaraMia Pupcake.

For those new readers out there, Mia is an 8 year old, 2 pound teacup Yorkie. She's my baby! I mean look at that face; isn't it precious??

What dogs are you celebrating with today?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Currently: August Edition

Why do I love these posts so much?


It's a satire on the devil and hell and Christianity. I'm on a Christian book kick,  usually non-fiction memoir-type books, but I thought this one would be fun. I forgot who recommended it, but I'm trying it out. 

I'm also still reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Yeah...I need to get started on implementing those rules. Oops. 

Listening To

This is such a fun song. Funny story- I really didn't know what silver bullets were until I asked. I assumed beer, but ya just never know! Lol

My new Silpada jewelry, carrying my new fringe bag and wristlet, and wearing some new tops from TJ Maxx.  Seriously, like every top I own is from the Teej.

Bachelor in Paradise. Now I know why everyone is obsessed with these shows. The drama. I mean you can't make this stuff up. 

$$$. Why can't I save $$$????

Some cute black wedges. I've looked all summer for some that aren't too short, but aren't too high. Not too cheap, but not too expensive. I need them to be just riiiiight. Like Goldilocks. 

Graphing. Because who likes to do that kind of stuff???? Not me, obviously.

Looking Forward To
VEGAS in a few weeks! I can't wait!

Tired. I cannot get enough sleep lately. I don't know what is going on with me!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Recap

I had a busy busy weekend. Like I crashed last night and could not wake up this morning. Let's hope I can have some major down time after work today!

After work on Friday, I went to look at a cute little cottage-y house. It had tons of character, but after consulting with the parentals, they felt it best that I keep looking. Not many cons to the house at all, but they did outweigh the pros.

I then raced to a local Mexican restaurant for a "surprise" birthday party for one of my best boos. "Surprise" in quotes because she knew about it a few days prior. I hate a party pooper. There were so many people that it was a little overwhelming, but I had a blast with my little corner of people and it was a great way to end the week! Happy birthday, B!

Excuse my elephant trunk legs, but I just had to show you how much of a difference this Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion made on me. I've been out in the sun this summer, but still don't have the color that I want. I am afraid of tanning beds now, so this lotion was perfect!!! 
Thanks, Influenster and Sally Hansen for sending to me. I already have several friends that saw the photo, bought their own bottle, and have told me how much they love it!

I woke up early Saturday morning to pick up some tea cookies and head to the beautiful Lost River Cave River Burch Room to celebrate one of my longest, best friend's baby shower. It was Peter Rabbit themed and it was absolutely gorgeous, just like my momma-to-be friend, Whitney.

We are basically the same person, and said it's because we've been friends since Kindergarten that we've been able to handle each other. She's going to be the best mommy to little John Benjamin!

I then spent the rest of the afternoon at TJ Maxx and then to my friend, Meg's house for some food and to hang out. She's also expecting, so we have to squeeze in time when we can. We may or may not have left all of the men and children and headed to Target for some more retail therapy. It's what we do. 

After church on Sunday morning, I grabbed some lunch and spent some time with my parents on the lake. I got a major headache and had to cut the trip short to go home and sleep it off. It was a doozy.  But how gorgeous is our lake?

I had to stop at the grocery to pick up a few things for the week, and wanted some kettle chips. I saw these and thought I'd try them. Well, let this be a PSA- they aren't good. I even brought the rest to my dad today, who likes pretty much everything, and even he didn't care for them. You're welcome. 

I guess that about wraps up my weekend. Here's to a quick, peaceful, relaxing week ahead for all of us! 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Favorites: Earrings

I love earrings. Like beyond love them. Like I feel naked without them. Like I will turn around and go back home to get them if I happen to leave the house and forget to put them on.

That's love.

I'm currently in a challenge to sell 20 pairs of earrings before August 30th. For every pair you buy, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a special prize. Buy 2 pairs, get 2 entries, and so forth.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite earrings with you today for the linkup with Erika, Narci, and Andrea.

I've always had big curly hair, so I've always been drawn to big earrings. Because lezbehonest, it took a lot of earring to fight for attention with so much hair. Even though my hair is now short and (mostly) straight, I still like to rock a big earrings. The bigger the better. 

I love the pop of color these sterling silver and turquoise earrings have. Small, but they pack a lot of punch. 

I'm absolutely loving these metal mix earrings! How sassy!

I love the 70s vibe these bring with the little dangles. 70s trends are super hot now and these rock!

These are so great dressed up or down. Classic but fun. 

And because I know not everyone loves a good, big earrings, I've included some of my favorite smaller ones too. 

These pearl ear jackets are high on my wishlist right now. I have a silver pair and wear them in my second hole and they are even better that way. 

These are classic and tasteful. Not too big to be gaudy, and not to small. Kind of like Goldilocks, these are just right. 
Funny story, I actually sold my pair to a customer. When she came by a few weeks later, I was like "OMG. Are those real diamonds in your ears???" She laughed. "No, they are the Silpada ones you sold me." They look that good, you guys!

And for you gold fans, I included these beauties. Love love love them!

Well those are a few of my favorites! Which ones listed do you prefer??

See some other earrings here

And if you'd like to help me out with my challenge, please order here. Earrings, and any other jewelry you find, will be shipped to your doorstep! Don't forget for every pair you purchase, you will be entered to win a special prize! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: High School

High School. Oh, high school.

Andrea at Momfessionals wants us to share our time in high school.

I went to Barren County High School, and graduated with 202 students in 2002. We were the Barren County Trojans. And yes, we made tons of jokes about that, as you can imagine teenagers doing.
With my best friends my last few months of school. 
I was a good student, A's and B's only please, and didn't have to work that hard to achieve that. I did my homework, but wasn't studious at all. Imagine my shock when I started taking classes for my degree. I was a rule-follower. Not really a wallflower, but not front row, answer every question type of girl. I took all Honors classes, which doesn't really mean anything after graduation.
Between Soph and Junior year

I had a job at 16, and worked a lot during high school. When I wasn't at work at Pic N Pay or Kmart, I was on the phone, ICQ- remember that???, or at football and basketball games cheering on the Trojans.
One of my senior pictures

I was involved in FBLA- Future Business Leaders of America, and even went on week long leadership camps. I was a member of some other clubs, but wasn't as involved in those. I didn't play sports in high school because honestly, I wasn't that good at them, and I had NO confidence that I could do them. Looking back, I wish I had played volleyball.
Melinda and I on the way home from camp. We are even better friends now than we were then!

Beginning high school, I was kind of tom-boyish. I only wore jeans, tshirts and tennis shoes with my curly, unruly hair in a ponytail. It was tragic. And I can't believe I'm sharing a photo from then, but we all have those photos that should be burned, right?
See? This was bad. Freshman or Sophomore year. I can't believe I put this on here.
 By my junior year, I had lost some weight, was into makeup and clothes, and became super girly.  It was a great transition.
Another Senior picture.
My senior year was by far the best year. I was confident for the first time in my life. I had lots of friends that I was close to (and I wish I had found pictures so I could have added them all on this post). I was involved in lots of stuff and was always on the go. Days were filled with classes and nights filled with parking lot hangouts, parties in cow fields (literally), and trying my best to get my parents to let me stay out all night. It never worked, by the way.
Junior Prom
Oh, high school. I'd like to say "those were the days," but really high school is hard, y'all. You're trying to fit in. Trying to figure out who you are. Trying to please everyone. Competing with everyone for something, it seems. As much fun as I had, I don't think I'd go back. High school should definitely stay in the past. However, I do think I'd give an arm and a leg to look like my 18 year old self. Wasn't I cute back then?

Senior Prom

How was your high school experience?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up with some lovely ladies today for Friday Favorites.

I love link-ups. And I love reading the posts the other bloggers link. It's a great way to find new bloggers and allow other bloggers to find you!

You can link up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci on their blogs. 

Here are my faves for the week.

I went to one of my favorite stores last night, Barnes & Noble, with a "to-read" list a mile long. I only found two of the books on my list, so I snagged those and another book for my sister. $40 later, I was out the door. I can't wait to get started on these books. I am almost positive I got these ideas from Shay on one of her book posts or in the comments. 

I bought these blogger-endorsed, leopard tennies from Target last week and wore them yesterday. How cute are they??? If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with all things leopard.

PS. Please note- they are quite narrow and not really comfortable. At all. Just fyi.
PSS. Just saw these are on sale this week for 20% off!

I also got in the Silpada Zahara Wristlet this week, which matches my Dakota bag. Both pieces are super soft, genuine leather. I love them both so so much! And again, leopard!

Here are the pieces individually so you can see them in all their glory!

I'm loving this "Straight Outta..." app. How gangsta do I look with the graphic? 

Don't answer that. 

I really should find a more gangsta pic of me somewhere. If it exists. ;)

I got lots of friend/family time last weekend, and I hope this weekend is the same. I watched my niece a few hours on Fri, lake time on Sat with the family, and had lunch & dinner with some friends after church on Sunday.

Paradise Point is a little eclectic spot on the side of the road that has the best hot dogs and fixin's. I had never been and finally got to go with some friends from church. 

 My parents have a little lake house and some toys, and I'm there every chance I get. Here I am with them and my niece for a fun day on the water!

Those are my faves from the week. What are yours?

If you link up with the ladies, please let me know so I can read! Have a great weekend, y'all!

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