Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Linking up to share today.

1. What I'm Eating
Since my trip, I've been trying to do better. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I've been eating grilled stuff. I've also been trying to drink more fruit-infused water, e.g. lemon and orange water.

2. What I'm Reminiscing About
My time in Kansas City two weeks ago. I went to the FAB Conference and had the best time, met some amazing women, and it rejuvenated my reason for joining Silpada- money, jewelry, and fun!

3. What I'm Loving
My new purse. I bought so many fabulous pieces of jewelry that I haven't been able to wear them all yet, but my absolute favorite purchase is my new bag. The Dakota bag is genuine leather. With fringe. And it makes my heart happy. See it here.

4. What I've Been Up To
Today I've been planning the youth lesson for church tonight. I'm subbing for the lady that usually does it for a few Wednesdays while she has class, and while it's hard to keep their attention, I enjoy it. 

5. What I'm Dreading
More humidity. My hair can't handle it. I sweat as soon as I step outside. It's awful. Gimme fall and winter any day of the week. 

6. What I'm Working On
Purging the excess in my life. It's a continuous struggle to get rid of things that are just cluttering my house. I don't need that, so why am I hanging on to it?? 

7. What I'm Excited About
My Silpada party on Saturday. If you want to look and order, go here!

8. What I'm Reading/Watching
Reading: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (hence my working on decluttering). I also just this week finished Nobody's Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle. Such a sweet story of Melanie's friendships through life. If you haven't read this, you should. And p.s. Everyone needs a Gully. 

Watching: Still on Gilmore Girls  on Netflix. It's a slow process. Real Housewives of OC and NYC, Big Brother, Devious Maids, and PLL are being dvr'd so I can keep up with real tv. 

9. What I'm Listening To
Nothing really on my playlists; they're old. But the guy in the next office, my step-brother, is watching Man vs. Food. I wonder if it's hot chicken wings today or a 15 lb. burrito.

10. What I'm Wearing
Navy and white palazzo pants, a coral top, and wedges...and lots of Silpada. Layers, baby. 

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend
I've mentioned my Silpada party a time or two. I was also invited to a 1 year old's bday party, and I hope to get time on the boat at the lake. Sun!

12. What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month
Vegas, baby! I'm going for a long weekend next month. 

13. What Else Is New
Nothing! My life is a bore, which should mean I'm watching more Netflix, but nope. 

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