Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I'm [Trying] To Watch

I'm in a hard spot guys.

I've finished Friday Night Lights & Grace and Frankie, and I just don't know what to do next.

There's lots of shows on My List, but none of them are speaking to me.

I've tried Californication.

I've tried Lost.

I've tried Dexter.

I've tried Gilmore Girls.

And nothing is jumping out at me saying, "Hey, Mel! WATCH ME!" Nothing is keeping my attention.

So I ask you, Netflix-obsessed readers, what do you think? Which of the above should I give another go?


  1. I LOVED Grace and Frankie! I can't wait for more!
    I can't seem to finish FNL. I get through a season, then take a break and watch something else. I just started Pretty Little Liars.

  2. I suppose it depends on what you like, what kind of thing you want to see. Do not see Californication. It's just depressing. I think Gilmore girls is really nice. Recently we started watching a crime show named The Glades, which is very nice and light enough for a day when you want something "easy".


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