Friday, July 24, 2015

Twitter Faves 11

It's been awhile since I've blogged, thanks to being super busy and going on a little Silpada trip. But I'm back and I'm sharing my favorite Twitter Faves from the past few days/weeks.

After attending conference, I'm really trying to focus on growing my business. I truly think we have THE best jewelry, and I'm going to focus on customers- new and loyal!

I love Lisa Rinna. She was fabulous on the RHOBH, and I love her presence on social media. This. This is what I strive for. To be me. Not to change or alter myself for others.

Is this why my clothes are fitting a little more snug lately? Because I'm taking pics of my food?

Yep. Me.

No, Shane. I actually thought about this twice last week as I walked through the airport. I was also looking for the guy waiting for me with a sign and some flowers.

Oh girl. Me either. ;)

And along those same lines... Yes, this IS the greatest of all time.

Seriously, Apple. Stop making us have those things.

Happy Fry Day, guys.

 I mean Friday. That ^^^^ is definitely why my clothes are too snug.


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  1. Ha ha. I love that you included Laura's tweet about Cheetos. I'll have to make sure she sees this. :)


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