Tuesday, July 7, 2015


If you're from the south, you know the weather this month has been rainy. Super rainy. Needless to say, our 4th of July weekend was spent with clouds, rain, and storms.

On Friday night, I attended an outdoor bbq. There were lots of tents, so we were all dry. Except for our feet. The ground was saturated and with 150 people, the grass was flattened and the mud was coming up.

I had mud between my toes and up to my ankles. If you know me, you know I don't do dirt and mud, so as soon as I got home, I raced to the shower. I took off my glasses, pulled back my hair, and hopped in.

I paid extra attention to the dried mud on my feet and ankles. I would pump soap into my hand and scrub away. I kept seeing one spot of mud on the top of my left foot that would just not come clean. No matter how much soap I used or scrubbing I did, it would not come off.

I squinted, bent down a little closer, and just started laughing at myself in the shower.

Guess what it was?

No, it wasn't mud.

It was my frickin tattoo.

I had been blindly (no glasses in the shower, remember) trying to scrub off that dark spot for I don't know how long.

Guess what y'all? Soap doesn't remove tattoos.

Yep. I'm an idiot. A blind idiot.


  1. Reading about your weather it sounds like you're in Sweden, lol! We had a week of summer but now we're back to 15 C and winds, they are promising rain, etc. I know all about festivals with saturated ground and all that.
    LOL about the tattoo :D

  2. I am cracking up! Hilarious.


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