Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When I Grow Up...

I love a good link-up. I really do. And when I see some of my favorite bloggers sharing their secrets, well then of course I want to jump on board!

Cute little Andrea from Momfessionals hosts a Show & Tell Tuesday, and I love reading the posts. Today's topic is When I Grow Up....and we're sharing things we wanted to be/do when we grew up.

These are good. Get ready.


For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a teacher. I would set up classroom in my grandmothers spare bedroom, complete with a desk (or card table), white boards taped to the closet doors, stacks of worksheets, and math and English on the board.

Imagine my surprise when I actually became a teacher and it wasn't at all what I imagined. Read about my teaching story here and part 2 here.

Radio DJ

At this same grandmother's house, I would play music, then record myself on those tapes giving the listener information on the weather, news, and what singer was coming up next. Good times.


I was convinced I would become a daytime soap opera actress. I would watch all of the ABC shows with my Mom, and just knew I would one day be discovered and ask to come play a part in the Quartermane, Jones, or Spencer family.

Pizza Maker

I always wanted to be the girl in Pizza Hut or Papa Johns that swirled the sauce on the pizza and dramatically threw the toppings on the pizza. I was 5.

Register Worker at Grocery Store

Again, at the same grandmother's house (mentioned above), I would pretend to scan groceries on the kitchen table and bag them. This usually happened when we came home from the grocery. I would unbag everything, put it all on the table, and scan the items and bag them. This was so much fun when you were 7. I never worked in a grocery store, but I did work at Kmart in high school, and it was no where near as fun as at my Nanny's table. Not fun at all.

TV Chef

When I was a little older (early teens), I decided I wanted to be a tv show chef, like Rachel Ray or Paula Deen. I couldn't tell you now who I even watched cook on tv, it was the 90s, but I'm sure they were fabulous. I was get in my Nanny's kitchen (I was there every single weekend), get my ingredients, and explain to the audience how to make meatballs, or homemade pizza, or spaghetti. I was a natural in front of that imaginary camera.

I posted a similar post last year. Read here.

If you want to participate in today or future Show & Tell Tuesdays, here are the future topics.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

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  1. I never actually wanted to be a radio DJ, but somehow my cousins and I discovered that we could hear each other through the vents in the floor at our grandmother's house, and we started playing "radio." We'd use our CD players and turn them up as loud as we could. Two of us would be in one room, which were the dj's, and the rest would spread out across the bedrooms and bathrooms to find a vent to listen through. We'd "call in" and request songs and the dj's would say who the song was going out to and what song it was. It's one of my favorite childhood memories!


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