Friday, June 26, 2015

Twitter Faves Week 10

 One may say I'm a bit obsessed with social media, and twitter could be at the top of the list. I love sharing my favorite twitter people with you guys because I love a good tweet. Here's my faves of the week.

I struggle with this constantly. It's good to have a reminder that it's in His time. Not mine.

I've loved watching the NBA Draft the past few years because KY always has players to be drafted. We had 6 this year. 6!

Seriously. When this pops up, it usually means I have to get my big butt up and find the remote and declare "YES! I'm still sitting on my ass watching Netflix! Quit judging me!"

Oh my word. I've said this for years. I'm not jealous of you. I just don't like you. There's a difference.

Nope. I love me a soda. However, I prefer a McDonalds coke. Sometimes ya just gotta do it.

I love the Chrisleys. I love the little kid who just wants Linda to listen.

Who are your favorite tweeters? (Is that a word?) I'd love some funny folks to follow!

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