Monday, June 1, 2015

I'm Not Southern

While the majority of people would consider Kentucky to be "southern", I'm pretty certain I am not as southern as most of the people that I live around. Believe it or not, I've even been asked where I lived before moving here, since I "obviously" wasn't a born and bred KY girl. (I am, by the way.)

1. I don't own a gun. Heck, I've never even shot a gun.

2. I don't attend football games in dresses and pearls. I think it's just stupid.
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3. I don't like grits.
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4. I don't own camo.

5. Or seersucker.
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6. I don't hunt. Never have before.

7. Or fish.

8. I didn't get married at 18. And that makes me an "old maid"  in everyone's minds.
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9. I don't wear a cowboy hat. I don't even own one.

10. Or cowboy boots. I don't own these either.

11. I hate mayonnaise.

12. I've never farmed in tobacco. Or cotton. Or corn. Or anything really.

13. I hate pimento cheese.

14. I don't drink bourbon or whiskey. And you know KY is well-known for it's bourbon, right?

15. I've never been to a rodeo. Or is that just a Texas thing?

I know. I know. Are you shocked at how "un-southern" I am. I'm surprised I haven't been kicked out yet.

What "southern-isms" do you not follow?


  1. Hahaha would you believe that I have my own version of this post sitting in my drafts? I was born in Charleston, SC and spent most of my life in Virginia but I've never felt like a southerner. Except for my love for grits! ;)


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