Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Summer Shoes {a linkup}

I had another post planned for today, but as soon as I saw Erika and Andrea talking about shoes, I had to join in.

My favorite shoe purchase of this summer has been these little booties. I love the cut outs on the side. I love the little peep toe. I love that they zip in the back making them super easy to get one and comfortable to wear. I'm not one to spend a lot of money on shoes that I'm not sure if I will like, so I found these at Target for under $30. That's a major score in my book compared to the $120 I was looking at.

{Merona Maddie Perforated Chop Out Booties}

T-Strap Sandals
I've had these Xappeal sandals for years, and I probably need to buy a new pair, but they are still so comfy! I think I bought them at one of those shoe stores in the mall and they were super cheap, so I scooped them up. 

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Blingy Sandals
Ok. I take it back. These are my favorite shoe purchase of this summer. Both of the black flats that I wear constantly were worn completely out, so I looked for something with a little bling. I found these at Dillards and ordered them right away. Lucky you, they are on final clearance! Aren't they great?

Classic Flip Flops
While they are not comfortable at all for walking a lot, I wear these constantly around the house, to the lake, on errands. They're simple and go with practically everything. 

Some of these may not be my absolute favorite shoes, but they are the ones that get the most wear. I actually love wedges more than one should, but rarely wear them anymore since I work with all men in a collision center and sit behind a desk. And that whole spraining both ankles at the same time has made me a little wary about wearing heels. You can read about that ordeal here. Not fun!

What are you favorite summer shoes?

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  1. I love wearing wedges to work, since I can still chase kids around them! I also love to wear sandals that have stars for the same reason, so the blingy black fats are super cute!


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