Monday, May 18, 2015

What's On My Netflix: FNL

I've started a new series.

Friday Night Lights.

I'm on episode 3 or 4ish. And man, is the drama and action already going! No waiting around on this one.

And btw- I can already tell I'm going to be crushing hard on the new little QB1- Matt. Cutie patootie.

I've heard all kinds of good stuff about this one, so I think it will be good. Have you all watched it? What did ya think?


  1. OMG I looooove FNL!!! I watched it about 2 years ago on Netflix and watched all 5 seasons in 2.5 weeks... I was obsessed! I own the series now and we still watch episodes all the time... love love love!! I hope you end up liking it!

  2. FNL is the best!! Give me some Saracen or Riggins all day erry day!!

    1. Tim Riggins... all day everydayyy!! ;)

  3. Zach Gilford (Saracen) was always my favorite guy on the show. The others aren't bad to look at either. Hang on for tons of drama!


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