Friday, April 17, 2015

Twitter Faves Friday 4.0

Time for my weekly collection of Twitter faves. Everybody clap your hands.......(I'm singing that song in my head it Cha Cha Slide? To the left now y'all!)

Bee Tee Dubs- you can click on the tweet posted here to be taken to to the person's Twitter page.

I love this grandma and don't even know her. She's my kinda gal. Let's be friends, Taylor's gma? K?

Me too, Hallie. Me too.

Yep. This is me.

Yes. They are THE best!

Gimme gimme gimme.

And let's end with this one. Don't be assholes, people. Be awesome.

Tell me- who are your favorites to follow on Twitter?!


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