Friday, April 24, 2015

Twitter Faves 5.0

It was a serious struggle. Didn't know if I could make it. 

Seriously. This jarred me. I got angry with the govt while watching this series, thinking some of it could be true. 99%. We suck.

So so true.Why cant people just stop with the spoilers. It's not that hard.

It was me. And I would 100% wear this to the wedding just to make people laugh. Honest.

I agree, Helene. It can't be done. #Silpada

I always #treatyoself, Ashten. It's a problem, really.


  1. haha love this! thanks for including me!!

  2. Ha ha. Yes, the 21st century struggle is real. I've just given up on people not spoiling things for me. The Elvis Duran Show always says there should be a 24-hour rule to give people time to catch up on DVR. I wish this was a real thing.


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