Tuesday, April 28, 2015

That Time I Was Cussed At A Red Light

So last Friday night, I was driving home, and I’m stopped at a red light. I’m minding my own business, replying to text messages, while stopped, I remind you. My windows are cracked a smidge for some air.


The light turns green, I put down my phone, and before I can even hit the gas (no one in front of me has moved yet), the skank beside me screams, “Quit ya damn texting!”


Excuse me, skank in the silver mini-van???? What you say?


Of course, my blood is boiling. I was not moving when I was texting. I was not holding up the line as the people in front of me hadnt even moved yet. And what business of it is yours?


I let my anger get the best of me, drive up beside him, and yell (while flipping him off), “Mind your own business, A$$hole!”  Ugh. That felt better. It was wrong of me, but gosh darn it, he deserved it.


Next red light, I’m minding my own business. And as soon as the light turns green again, he yells, “Quit texting, ya b*$&%!” Of course, I didn’t have time to respond because he waited to yell these obscenities as his vehicle was pulling away.




  1. Why is he staring so hard at you anyways? Stuff like that makes no sense to me. I also can't believe he DOES IT AGAIN! Who does that?!

  2. People need to get a life. Seriously


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