Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Save or Splurge: Classic Tote


I never shop at Walmart; I actually hate the place. So imagine my surprise when I went to their site to look at totes. (Insert shocked face here.) I saw some super cute fabric totes for like $10 bucks each. But that’s another post.

For today, I found a super similar tote to the one that is on my wish list. And being from Walmart, you can bet it’s tons cheaper too. 


Left: SW Global Brie Classic Zip Top Tote ($35.99)- Available in apricot, gold, beige, and silver

Right: Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Top Zip Tote ($278)- Available in pale blue, peanut, sun, black, navy, and mandarin


The Walmart bag, which seems to come from a company called eBags, doesn’t list the material. Faux leather, I’m sure. The inside features lots of pockets and a fun black and white striped lining.

The MK bag, which I’ve been wanting for ages, but just have never bought, is saffiano leather. The insides are solid with the classic MK logo, and it also has lots of inside pockets for your organization.

Because I’m super picky about bags and don’t like cheap ones, I would stick with the MK bag in a fun color like the mandarin, even though there is a $242 difference.


Which would you choose?


  1. You can see the quality of the leather /materials is huge...
    BUT, I do like the pink one for the price.
    I think if you are one of those people who invest in purses, then its worth the splurge.
    I'm someone who uses a purse for a season & then tosses it so I can't justify a big price tag :)

  2. Since I wear bags out and use them foooorever, I would go with the more expensive one. If it were a trendy bag that I know I would only use one season, I would go with the cheaper one.


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