Tuesday, April 21, 2015

90s Fashions I Rocked

I like to think that I was pretty fashionable in the 90s. I was in Kindergarten through 9th grade during this time, and my mom made sure I was stylin’.
Here are a few of the fashions I rocked.

Timberland EuroHikers
Yes. These were Christmas presents for several years in middle school and high school.

Tight Rolled Jeans
THE style of the 5th grade.

Slap It Bracelets
I got one every time I was at the skating rink. I had quite the collection.

Tommy Hilfiger
Shirts, jackets, socks and even duffel bags.

Never “real” Birkenstocks, but I went through several lookalikes.

WWJD Bracelets
A friend gave me one when I asked her what it meant. I was hooked after that.

Steve Madden platform sandals
Don’t tell me y’all didn’t have these too!

I’m sure there are others that I’ve pushed out of my mind I just can’t remember. What did you rock in the 90s?


  1. I STILL have those sandals... don't wear them, but I have them.
    But I DO still wear my WWJD bracelet :) haha

  2. I wish I had those black platform sandals now! I remember them begin super comfortable and thinking they matched everything.

  3. Oh my GOSH! I completely forgot about those stretchy black dress sandals. I want to barf right now haha. Do you know how long it took me to get my mom out of those things!?


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