Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Odd Jobs

I have a history for wanting to do odd jobs and thinking they would be fun. Granted, I’ve never actually done them, but I think I need a shot at it just to see how I’d like it.
Pizza Assembler

Wouldn’t it be fun to flip that dough, spoon on that sauce, and bake those tasty little pies? I think so.
Grocery Store Clerk

It could be the fact that I like the little dings as the labels are scanned or the fact that I watched Supermarket Sweep as a child, but I always wanted to work at the grocery. Let’s not forget that I would pretend to be one when we got back to my grandmother’s after going to grocery, and I would “scan” the items on the kitchen table.
Chef on a TV Show

While also at said grandmother’s house, I’d often whip up stuff in the kitchen, all the while, giving step-by-step instructions to my fake audience. Mini-pizzas on buns? Spaghetti sauce? Meatballs? I could do it all.

The Next Ricki Lake

My mom was a talk show junkie, so I obviously became one. And my dream job was to be the next Ricki Lake. She had dark hair. I had dark hair. She was funny. I was funny. She loved the dramatics. I loved the dramatics. Can’t you see me with my own show? Say yes.

Costume Designer Picker-Outer

My absolute dream job was/is to choose the clothes that the actors wear on tv shows. I don’t want to have to sew and make and alter them, which is basically the job, but I want to go to into a big room and pick out clothes that are ready to wear, choose shoes and accessories that go with them. Wouldn’t that be SO fun? Yeah. I still want to do that.

What odd jobs did/do you want to do?

Friday, September 5, 2014


Kallie from But First, Coffee hosted yet another fabulous swap. I was super lucky to be paired with Veronica from Vero Says!

So for basically a week, I stalked Veronica on Instagram and read her whole blog. Girlfriend is cute as a button, is obsessed with nail polish, and has the sweetest little family ever. Also, she lives in my very favorite city, so I’m uber jealous about that. I bet she has the Bahston accent that I love so much.

I received my mug this week, and Veronica even included a few more goodies. Woot woot!

First, that mug is perfection. If everyone around me didn’t already know that I’m the Princess, they certainly will now.  I seriously lol’d when I opened it. Awesome job, Veronica!!! You got me down pat!

The Almond Joy, banana baby food, and nail polish (because duh!) was an added bonus. Veronica also is a great PI because she found the candy bar and baby food on my instagram. The polish is such a fun color, and I can’t wait to try it out. And yes, people, I do like an occasional jar of baby food every once in awhile. It’s like dessert! Don’t knock it ‘til ya try it! K?

I’m so glad Kallie paired me with Veronica. This girl is already on my bloglovin and instagram feed, and she’s there to stay.

Thanks, Veronica!
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