Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Well, I’ve already lied to you and I haven't even completed the first sentence. It wasn’t intentional, but that title is all wrong.

Shenanigans didn’t happen.

Other than going to the lake for a few hours on Saturday, I stayed home in comfies, binged on Netflix episodes of The Killing, ate my weight in junk food because HELLO MONTHLY VISITOR, cleaned a tad bit and caught up on naps.

The weather was nasty, rainy, and stormy. It was glorious. And I enjoyed every minute!

What kind of shenanigans did you get into this weekend?

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  1. I love that rainy picture! It just screams peaceful to me. Monthly visitor over here too and I ate a tonnnn of junk this weekend. Ughhh, feeling like crapola today! {{I know you prob can't respond to this, so a snap will do lol!}}


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