Thursday, August 7, 2014

Truck Stop {Book Club}

Remember that time I told you that some friends and I were in a book club? You know, we meet at one of the restaurants in town once a week, stuff our faces, talk about the book, and then life. Well it’s our 2nd month of Book Club, and this time we are reading Truck Stop by Evan Richardson.

Richardson is from our hometown, and the town in the book is supposed to be based on ole Glasgow. Richardson now lives in NYC and is a celebrity make-up artist.

Here’s a synopsis of the book found on

When Lulu Mae married Hank, she thought he would help her become her dream of being a country western singer. But when she realized that all Hank wanted was a wife and for Lulu Mae to waitress in his honky-tonk truck stop saloon, as she had at the diner where he met her, she soon began an affair with the handsome new bartender, Brad.
Then a car containing two of the main characters goes over a hill and crashes to the bottom with a tremendous explosion, destroying most of the evidence as to the cause. The sheriff’s department is quick to attribute the tragedy to a faulty accelerator, but crafty old Sheriff Bob, after fifty years on the police force, secretly suspects it was murder.
As the law scrambles to piece together the event with what evidence they have, the one or ones responsible for the crime try to wangle out of the hands of justice as the plot thunders to a dynamic conclusion where everyone has their final rendezvous with destiny to even the score in this lurid tale of obsessive sexual desire, murder, greed, and betrayal in a small rural Kentucky town one steamy-hot summer, set in a honky-tonk truck stop saloon situated along the Southern interstate.

I can’t wait to open (or download rather) this book and dig in. And yes, this English major will be taking notes and coming up with discussion questions for our group meeting next week!

Sometimes, I love being a nerd!

What are you reading?


  1. I'll be interested in how you like the book! It is fun to read things "set" in your area. I read Wally Lambs "I Know This Much is True" while I lived in CT, right where the book was set. It was interesting. Anyway it's funny that the book you're about to rewas authored by a makeup artist...don't usually hear that! :)

  2. Tried to say "read was authored"
    On my phone ugh


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