Monday, July 14, 2014

Finish the Sentence

…because YOLO.
And because Juliette did it, and I love Juliette and her bloggity blog, so I will too.

When I open the fridge, I always hope I find... a Mello Yello. I rarely keep sodas at home, but when I do, I drink them non-stop; hence the not keeping them.

My favorite article of clothing is... my red WKU sweatshirt. It’s older, stretched out, and super soft. I could live in it.

 Last week I was really pissed when... people keep interrupting me when I’m talking. You asked me a question, but you can’t let me finish? Rude!

One thing nobody understands about me is... my constant self-doubt. I can’t explain it. 

One thing I don't understand is... why people are so effing crazy.

The world would be a better place if... people weren’t so selfish. 

If I had a million dollars I'd... pay off my student loans and credit card, buy a house and a car, and then I’d be broke again.

 If I could change one thing about myself, it would be... that I was naturally skinny. Some people just are. And life isn’t fair. 

Something that can always make me happy is... Steak n Shake cheese fries..

Something I'll never blog about is... relationships. That shit doesn’t need to be in print.

 If I could go anywhere I would go... Bora Bora.
because... Hello! It’s beautiful! And would be so relaxing!

 If I were an animal I would be a.... dolphin. Because it’s the only animal that I could think of that wasn’t totally lame.

A job I've always wanted is… costume designer. I don’t want to sew and stuff, but I want to tell the characters what to wear. 

My idea of a perfect day is... being on the water and tanning (NOT burning!). 

If I knew I'd die next week, this week I'd... Say goodbye to all of my family. But that’s sad. Who the hell came up with this question?

Also, I can't believe I used YOLO so much in this post. Eww.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Feta Dip Recipe

I made this dip for a 4th of July party last weekend and it was a hit! Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe. Make it. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo via Pinterest

What you’ll need: olive oil, 5-6 tomatoes, 1 bunch of green onions, 4-6 oz feta cheese, 2-3 tbsp greek seasoning

1. Pour thin layer of olive oil in bottom of platter.
2. Dice tomatoes & onions and put in bowl.
3. Crumble cheese on top of veggies. 
4. Sprinkle greek seasoning on top.
5. Mix.
6. Serve with baguette slices or pita chips.

I'm craving this now! Let me know how you like it!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

One of those days…

It’s been one of those days.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so it was after midnight before I finally drifted off.

Mia had me up at 3am to go potty.

I awoke to my phone ringing at 815 with my dad/boss asking where I was. Remind you, I am supposed to wake up at 7 and be at work at 8.

I also had to be at the dentist this morning at 840.

Since I had overslept, I only had 15ish minutes to get dressed and do hair and makeup.

Before running out the door, I grabbed the container of dog food to feed Mia, the top came off and dog food flew across the bathroom.

I didn’t have time to take my meds this morning.

I skipped breakfast because my teeth were nice and minty when I left dentist. And I was starving.

My teeth are sore from dentist.

I have tons of work to do for my therapy job and just can’t force myself to do it.

A lady cut me off at McDonald’s in the drive-thru line, which makes me way angrier than it should. I refrained from yelling expletives out my window to her.

It’s been one of those day.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tres Leches Cake {Recipe}

I decided to be adventurous and make 2 new recipes for my family’s 4th of July cookout. Some would consider this a bad idea, but who better to be your guinea pigs than family, right?

One of my very favorite desserts is Tres Leches cake from Chuys. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. I perused Pinterest until I found a recipe that didn’t seem too daunting. Heck, it even sounded…dare I say it…easy?!

Here’s what ya need: white cake mix, can of evaporated milk, can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup milk, 1 tub cool whip, berries (or whatever you want to top with)

And here’s what you do:
1. Bake the cake according to box.
2. Mix the three milks together in bowl and set aside.
3. While still warm, poke holes in the cake with a fork.
4. Pour milk mixture over cake (while cake is still hot).
5. Put in fridge for a few hours or overnight.
6. Before serving, top with cool whip and berries.
Since it was for the 4th, I used blueberries and strawberries so it looked patriotic and all.

This cake was a hit! I even ate a piece the next day and it was tasty then too.  And I’m going out on a limb here and saying it was just as good as the cake at Chuys. I know! Crazy!

Please make this soon. And let me know what you think…even though I know you’ll love it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th on the Lake

I was part of the majority that spend the 4th of July weekend on the lake. Boating, tubing, jet skiing, grilling, family, eating, and sleeping in were the only things on the agenda. Unfortunately, I didn’t get too many pictures to commemorate the weekend, but that just means I was spending all of my time in the moment, enjoying every second of it.

Hope yours was just as wonderful!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Time I Hung Out With Katy Perry

Last Friday night, I hung out with my bff Katy Perry. Another bff, Meg, was also there, but this story is about Katy and me.

See. Meg was there. Our expressions are so us. I’m always crazy and excited, and she’s usually questioning herself on why she hangs out with me. It’s true.

Back to Katy. Girl is a freak. And I loved it.

She had the wildest costumes and sets. She had gigantic cat castles. An umbrella to cover the arena. Girls twerking down the aisle. A horse on stage.

Giant blow-up poop emoji.

And balloons fell from the sky.

It. Was. Awesome!

Thanks, Katy. Let’s hang out again soon, k?
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