Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday 5

I think the only important word in this whole post will be the word Friday. It’s the only thing that makes me happy.
1. I cooked last night for the first time in weeks. And you know what happened? I sliced my finger open. To the bone. Blood gushed out like a volcano. Those last two sentences were a complete lie, but I did cut my finger. And it hurts. Waaaaah.

2. I saw this while perusing Pinterest today. Every blogger in America will be ordering this in bulk simply because it says unicorn. You’re welcome.

3. I was having a pretty blah day on Wednesday, got home, and one of my very best friends pulled into my driveway. She drove over (35 minutes) to hang with me. Technically she thought we had plans. I thought we were kidding. Nonetheless, I was super excited she was there to cheer me up.

4. I’m also going with friend from above to see Katy Perry tonight in Nashville. Can. Not. Wait. This will be my 3rd concert in 3 weeks. I’m not mad about it.

5. I’m going with another of my best friends to buy bridesmaid dresses with the bridal party tomorrow night. I’m sure we’ll eat and celebrate, so that should be a fabulous time. Can you take champs to the bridal store? I feel like I’ll need to be drunk in order to be sized for that dress. Oy vey.

Pretty sure this is why we aren’t eating before….

Until next time, have a fantastic weekend friends.


  1. Sorry to hear you cut your finger, but glad it wasn't to the bone YOU LIAR!


    1. :) Hehehe Have I ever told you I'm a tiny bit dramatic?


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