Friday, June 13, 2014

5 on Friday

I, for one, am so so  glad it is Friday. This week has been crazy busy, a roller coaster, and even though the weekend will be busy too, I’m just glad it is just that- the weekend.

1. We have a new accounting system at work; we have switched from Peachtree to QuickBooks, and I absolutely hate it. It is so much more complicated, not easy to maneuver, and it has totally stressed me out. Do any of you all use QuickBooks?

2. My brother-in-law has been in Arizona on a mission trip with the youth group at his church, and comes home tonight. Please say a prayer for safe travels for them as they travel back home.

3. I’ve hung out with my sister and niece twice to keep them company while he has been gone. We settled down Monday night to watch Frozen since Raelyn is obsessed, like every other girl under 10, and I had not seen it. That lasted a whole 30 seconds until she was ready to do something else. We “vacuumed” the floor, used the plastic slide to build a tent, played in her “house” under the stairs, played with giant legos, and the list goes on and on. Basically everything but watch the movie. And that’s ok, because she is so darn cute.

4. My friend, Sharna, is working super hard to reach a goal in her Mary Kay career. I told her I’d try to help her reach that goal by seeing if anyone I knew wanted to order. If you’d like to help, or if you need any skin care or color, please visit her site to order: here. Thanks in advance! Let her know I sent you!

5. I’m going to Louisville tomorrow to see one of my very best friends, Whitney, who moved about a year ago. She was my go-to when I was bored, needed a shoulder to cry on, a stalking partner, or just to hang out. I miss her not being 2 seconds away, and I can’t wait to see her tomorrow to catch up. Shopping will also be involved. Duh.

Have a great weekend, friends.

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  1. Wave to me while you're here in Louisville :)

    We use Peachtree & only use QuickBooks for a small side company our boss has - only because that's all Quick books is good for - small companies that don't do a lot of transactions.


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