Friday, June 6, 2014

5 on Friday

1. I got to the end of my street this morning, looked in the mirror at my lips, and thought, “What is wrong with my face?????”

I had somehow forgotten to apply my makeup. All of it. I backed into the driveway, ran in the house, and did a 4 minute application. I think it looks the same as usual. Hopefully.

2. I went to Qdoba last night for dinner before making the trek home. I thought I’d be all “bloggery” and take a pic for instagram of the assembly line. I remembered to turn the sound off, but apparently the flash was still on. There was a big burst of light and a few people turned around to see my phone up. Embarrassed isn’t even the word for it.

And it wasn’t even a good damn picture. #epicfail

3. I’m working on letting some things go. I feel like I’m always stressed, worried, or upset about something. Just let it go.
4. I got a monogrammed decal for my car window last week, and I couldn’t love it any more.

5. I saved the best for last. Today is June 6th. And that is Orange is the New Black day. FINALLY! Don’t send out a search party for me this weekend, I’ll be holed up in my living room binge watching Piper, Alex, and the rest of the loons.

Happy Friday, guys!


  1. Oh no. I would have been so embarrassed about the flash!

    <3 Jackie

  2. Oh man, I hate when the sound and/or flash is still on when I try to sneak a pic like that! I feel your pain, lol. I am soooo excited OITNB is back!

  3. I've gotten caught like that before too. Horrifying haha

  4. LOL to the camera flash, been there, done that! Or the sound.. always freakin' happens to me!!

    Also, I really need Jared to just go away for a guys weekend or something so I can discover what orange is the new black is all about!!!

  5. That panda pic is awesome.


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