Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tunes on Repeat

I just downloaded two songs that I am obsessed with.

The first is “Girls Chase Boys” by Ingrid Michaelson. Like I could listen to this song for hours and not get tired of it.

The second is “All I Do is Win.” Which apparently is old, but whatever.

My obsession is all thanks to my good friends Jimmy Fallon, whom I’ve loved since he starred in Summer Catch, and Emma Stone, who is just the best, and their little lip sync battle. I’m sure you’ve seen it already.

What are you all listening to?


  1. I adore Emma Stone & that lip sync is fantastic! Did you see the one with Paul Rudd????? GO SEE IT!

  2. LOL- I get jacked up for Bengals games listening to 'all i do is win' how lame am i?! ;)

  3. "All I Do is Win" has been on my radar for a few years now because Auburn used it during the 2010 year when we won the National Championship so of course I will ALWAYS love it, it still gets me super fired up! I looooove Ingrid Michaelson, you should check out all of her stuff if you haven't, her voice is so unique--it makes me happy! And she's amazing live if you ever get the chance to check her out. My current obsession is Iggy Azalea, Fancy and 99 Problems with Ariana Grande oh and Jason Derulo, "Talk Dirty" because I'm a 15 year old boy apparently.


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