Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Things You Hear In Pre-School

Most of you may not know but I work on behavior with a little boy twice a week in his pre-school room. While it’s only a few hours a week, I am sometimes worn out by the time I leave. A room full of 3-5 year olds can really get to you. And I never leave without giggling more times than I can count at something one of them has said.

I also started thinking that the things I hear in that room from the teachers are probably things you would not hear in any other profession. Anywhere. So I compiled a list of just a few things I heard one afternoon in class.

  • Get your finger out of your  nose.
  • Sit up!
  • Get out of his face.
  • You have a boo boo?
  • Put your thinking caps on, ears open, mouths closed.
  • X is a consonant, a letter in the alphabet.
  • /ks/
  • /ks/
  • /ks/
  • You all WILL lose a sticker!
  • Move like a cat.
  • Move like a monkey.
  • Move like an elephant.
  • Wipe your nose.
  • I’m looking for a leader.
  • My ears are listening.
  • My eyes are watching.
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • Get your hands out of your pants.

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  1. Would it be weird if I said these are the same things I say in my office all the time? KIDDING


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